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Highly recommended!! I have read all these and know that these are good companions for your travel

   My review: This audiobook is narrated perfectly. Its a very good dramatization of the book. It's the nearest you get to having a Dune movie. For Dune fans, we all know the attempts to make this into a good movie utterly failed because the book is too full of undertones that is hard to make into a movie. But this audiobook succeeded where the past movies failed.

 My review: This book is a great book to inspire runners to overcome physical and psychological difficulties in their quest to achieve their goals. The hidden tribe of superathletes shows them that even without modern technology, and armed only with the bare essentials of strength of mind and body, you can  overcome and supersede the performance of modern man, who is most often aided with all his scientific knowledge and technology.

 My review: I love the concept of the 7 habits but I've never actually read the book in detail until I found this audiobook. When you open the book it reads like a serious textbook. But as an audiobook, I was able to finish it. The narration of Stephen Covey is compelling. Unlike other authors who are not good at doing the narration of their works, Stephen Covey shows his passion for the topic and encourages people to listen.