What to Expect on a Prestige Cruise Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

February 7, 2012

What to Expect on a 
Prestige Cruise Manila Bay Sunset Cruise 

For the 6pm cruise, registration is from 5pm-545pm. Registration means writing down all the names and ages of the passengers for the manifesto. Each passenger's hand is stamped with the cruise logo to identify them as passengers.
My tip: Arrive early for the registration. The order of boarding is based on the order of name listed in the manifesto. There is no seat or table assignment. You choose your table upon boarding. So it's better to register early, so you board early and get to choose the seat you want.

Prestige Cruise registration desk

This photo is taken from the boat after boarding.
The registration desk is on the left.
The entrance to the boat is at the center.
The boat has three levels

This is the 1st level of the boat.
The buffet table is located here.
The toilets are at the back of the buffet table

This is the second level of the boat

My tip: 
1. Choose the second level for a better ambience.
Although the first level is where the buffet table and the toilets are located, the ambience is like you're in stowage.
The third level has an additional charge. 
2. If you want a clear view of the fireworks, choose the right side of the boat. But if you are in a big group, the only tables that will allow you to seat together are located in the middle of the boat.

During the cruise

When the boat starts to sail, a crew member
starts giving instruction on the use of the life jacket.

You line up on the first level to get food from the buffet table.
The buffet meal is just fair. It's filling but not spectacular.
A singer entertains you during the cruise.
From the boat, you can view the 7pm fireworks courtesy of Mall of Asia 

When the sun has set, the only view that you see is
the Roxas Boulevard skyline, which is not really that fantastic.

Length of the cruise: 
1 1/2 hours (from 6pm-730pm)
Other tips:
Best time do the sunset cruise: 
The sun sets early from September to December so this is not the best time to do the cruise. By the time the 6pm cruise starts, night has already fallen.
If you want to catch the sunset, do the 6 pm cruise from January to August or if you're doing the cruise during September to December, get an earlier time than 6pm cruise schedule.
Why do the sunset cruise
Do the sunset cruise if you just want to watch the famous Manila Bay sunset onboard a boat while cruising the Manila Bay. 
Don't do this cruise if you're expecting a romantic dinner. The ambiance is not conducive to romance, especially since the cruise is just a short 1 1/2 hour ride, and a great part of it will be spent lining up at the buffet table. 
For foreigners or balikbayans, this is a nice way to end the day after touring Intramuros and Luneta park or after shopping at the Mall of Asia.

The boarding area is at the back of Folk Arts Theater, near Gloria Maris Restaurant and the Coconut Palace. Just scroll on the map below to find the location.
My tip on where to park: Park at the parking lot across Gloria Maris restaurant. It's the parking lot nearest to the registration tent and boarding area. The other parking lots indicated on the map is a long walk to the boarding area.

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