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Kennedy Space Center: Where to buy discounted tickets

August 27, 2012

Kennedy Space Center, Florida: 
Where to buy discounted tickets

For a family of 6 like us, any discount, however small, matters because the discount I get is always multiplied by six. When added together the total amount amount of discount is substantial in the end.

The Kennedy Space Center website shows that admission tickets are $50. Check out the ticket prices here. However, I found that ticket prices are only $40.95 at Undercover Tourist. That's a hefty $9 discount. Check out the Undercover Tourist ticket prices here.

Why choose Undercover Tourist:

1. Undercover Tourist is a reliable and legitimate ticket broker.
We purchased tickets at Undercover Tourist and didn't encounter any problem.
If you wish to check out other reviews, see the tripadvisor forum reviews here.
2. Undercover Tourist ships your tickets for free.
If you choose regular shipping, they ship it for free. Regular shipping guarantees that you receive your ticket within 10 business days from your order.
If you can't wait 10 business days to receive it, you can choose to pick it up at The UPS Store (located near Universal Studios) at 4630 Kirkman Rd, Orlando, Florida. 

3. Undercover Tourist provides discounted tickets to other Orlando attractions.

Contact information:
Business Address: 642 Carswell Avenue, Holly Hill, Fl
Telephone Number:

  • USA Toll Free: 1 800 846 1302
    Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm E.S.T
  • UK Freephone: 0800 081 1702
    Mon-Fri, 2pm - 9pm G.M.T
  • Worldwide: +1 386 239 8624
  • Fax: 386 252 3469