Why I love Cibo Delivery

December 27, 2023


I am taking time out from my hectic holiday schedule to commend Cibo delivery for a superb performance especially during the peak holiday season. Not all restaurants can claim to be as consistent in the quality of food they serve especially during the peak holiday season, when demand for their food is at the highest. I've been a customer of Cibo delivery the past 2 years and have ordered pasta from them frequently, both during peak and non-peak seasons.  The quality of their pasta, both in flavour and the texture of the noodles has consistently been excellent, whether or not demand is high, unlike in some restaurants where quality goes down when customer demand goes up. And the other amazing thing is that even though there's a time gap between food being cooked, delivered then eaten, the quality of food stays the same. How? They are thoughtful enough to pack additional sauce and pasta water to the pasta you order to anticipate the possibility of the pasta absorbing all the sauce and drying it up.

This is why they are my go-to food delivery during peak season important occasions like Christmas day and New Year's day because they are extremely reliable.

To recap, this has been my experience with Cibo delivery :

1. The quality of their pasta is consistently excellent despite heavy demand.

2. They are open and deliver during Christmas day and New Year's day.

3. It's easy to order online and pay at their site.

4. Orders are confirmed via call to make sure they get your orders accurately.

5. They have their own delivery service so you don't need to look for a rider during the peak holiday season.

6. They text you when the rider is out for delivery to assure you it will arrive on time. 

7. The food you order arrives on time.

Take note that the branch assigned to service my location is Cibo Eastwood.

I usually order Farfalle ala Genovese, Penne al Telefono and Linguine alla Ghiotta and Tagliata di Manzo

To order: https://cibo.ph/delivery/

Farfalle ala Genovese

Linguine alla Ghiotta

Penne al Telefono

Tagliata di Manzo