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CEBU: The Gym @ Radisson Blu

July 29, 2015

CEBU: The Gym @ Radisson Blu

Not all hotel gyms are created equal, even if the hotel is a 5-star hotel. The gym at Radisson Blu Cebu has the following features that I love which makes going to the gym something to look forward to, even while on vacation.

Why I Love the Gym at Radisson Blu

It is spacious, with plenty of equipment.

Info from the hotel website:  
Available equipment includes: 
Cardio: four treadmills, two cross trainers and four stationary bikes 
Free weights: dumbbells (five to 50 pounds), flat bench and stability balls 
Weight resistance: TRX, Smith machine, multiple adjustable pulley machine, lat machine, chest-shoulder machine press, leg curl and leg extension machine 

They have a high-end treadmill that measures distance, gradient, speed.
It also monitors heart rate by holding on to the rails where the sensors are located.

You only need to bring headphones.
You can watch cable TV in the monitor with plenty of channels to choose from

They provide towels.

They provide water

They provide snacks like apples.
You can make your own dalandan juice with honey.

They provide hand towels and a hand sanitizer.

There's a first aid box near the entrance.

The gym is on P2 level and has direct access to the pool 
so you can swim at the pool after a workout.

Operating Hours: 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM