QUEZON CITY: My Experience of "Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa"

October 17, 2015

QUEZON CITY: My Experience at "Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa"

This event is the 5th installment of the Foodgasm event sponsored by the UP Economics Society. This is to share with you my experience at the Food Tasting Event.

Congratulations to UP Ecosoc for holding a successful and well-organized event!

Apologies for the foggy photos. It was raining during the event and it was hard to take clear photos.

This is my experience of the food event:


We went to the booth to get our passports.

Tickets are attached to our wrists.

We chose which passport we're getting:

Set A, which is the blue one OR
Set B, which is the pink one

Since there were 4 of us, 2 chose set A and 2 chose set B.
So we got to taste both set A and set B.

We were given a sfork and a paper plate together with the passport.

This is Set A

This is Set B.


The food participant signs at the box as you claim your food.


Food Participant: Brazo
Food: Iberian Chicken

Sample of the Iberian Chicken

Food Participant: Crazy Chef
Food: Buffalo Wings

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Not so spicy buffalo wings

Food Participant: Cookie ng Ina Mo
Food: Bomba

Sample of Bomba

Food Participant: Teritopps
Food: TeriFlakes

Food Participant: Maniego's Plate
Food: Fish Stix

Fish Stix

Food Participant: Blush Pastries by H&S
Food: Oreo Cheesecake Cookie

Food Participant: Saj's Cakes and Pastries
Food: Choco Chip Banana Cupcakes

Food Participant: Bagnet Rice Patong
Food: Double Bagnet

Food Participant: Food Clinique
Food: Mac'n Cheese Pops

Food Participant: The Fahrenheit
Food: Silly Chocolate Cupcake

Silly Chocolate Cupcake
It has chili flakes on top.

Food Participant: CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House
Food: Honey Bagoong Wings

Honey Bagoong Chicken
It's fried chicken dipped in sweet bagoong.

Food Participant: Dorissimo Cakes
Food: Brown Brazo

Food Participant: Stoners Soul Food to Go
Food: Fried cheese and fried chocolate

Food Participant: Big B Burgers
Food: Hangovurger

Food Participant: Roar Blue Raspberry
Food: Bugle Boy dirnk

Food Participant: Egg-It Asian Street Food
Food: Cucumber Lemonade


Food Participant: Only the Best Cafe and Dining
Food: Magiting Yum Yum Sandwich

Food Participant: Chewy Treats by Claire
Food: Blueberry Cheesecake

Food Participant: Keyks by Kai
Food: Choco Chip Cookie

Food Participant: Master Bakers
Food: Bacon Banana Bread

Food Participant: Meal Point Burger House
Food: Treasure Burger

Treasure Burger

Food Participant: Don Day
Food: Chicken Toppaki

Chicken Toppaki

Food Participant: Saj's Cakes and Pastries
Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Food Participant: Beeth's Oven
Food: Pork and Tofu Sisig

Pork and Tofu Sisig

Food Participant: Lola Seseng
Food: Puto Cake

Puto Cake

Food Participant: Mandi Persian Grill
Food: Beef Kebab

Beef Kebab

The best of all the food I tasted!

Food Participant: FAT Cupcake
Food: Champorado Cupcake

Champorado Cupcake
Yema Pastillas Cupcake

Food Participant: Crazy Chef
Food: Lechon Bagnet

Sample of Lechon Bagnet

Food Participant: Sancho Churreria Manila
Food: Churros Con Chocolate

Churros Con Chocolate

Food Participant: Sugar Mommy
Food: Red Velvet Cake

My review:
1. At 250 pesos per person (200 per person if you buy before the event), this is VALUE FOR MONEY. You're able to taste at least 20 food items from different concessionaires. 
2. This is a great way to get to know new food suppliers based in Maginhawa Street.

My tip:

Bring a friend with you so you can share the food and taste food offered by participants in both sets A and B, unless of course, you're able to finish around 40 bite-sized food items.