OSAKA: Must Try Food at Kuromon Market (What We Liked)

October 25, 2017

OSAKA: Must Try Food at Kuromon Market (What We Liked)

There are a lot of fresh seafood and meat to try in Kuromon market. But these are the food we liked and would recommend you to try. As shown in the map below, these merchants can be found in just one street. 


Open 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM, 7 days a week

What to eat: Kobe beef

Melt-in-your mouth Kobe beef
Price: 2000 yen
Maruzen butcher stall
There are seats where you can enjoy eating the beef they cook for you.
We chose Kobe beef diced steak.

They cook the beef in front of you.

They give a certificate of authenticity that they served you Kobe beef.

MY TIP: Avoid meal time hours. This stall is very popular. We went there meal time hours and lines are long. There were less people when we went there 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. 

Open 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Closed Sundays and holidays

What to eat: Fresh Uni, Grilled Giant Scallops

Fresh and newly opened uni eaten straight from the shell is heavenly.
There is an aroma that fills your mouth that you won't experience tasting unless you eat it out of the shell.
Price: 1500 yen

The grilled giant scallops is so juicy.
Price: 1500 yen

The front of the stall
You can identify it through the green sign and the no.59 sign

You choose your scallops.

They cook it in front of you.

You choose your uni.

This is how they open it.

Open 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Sundays and public holidays until 3:00 PM only

What to eat: Cremia ice cream

Soft serve Cremia ice cream

The front of the stall where you can buy the ice cream

You can see this sign in front of the stall.

Open 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Closed New Year's day

What to eat: Sushi, eel, etc

Front of the stall
(Photo taken from the Kuromon market site)

There are seats and a variety of food stalls inside Sennariya.
(Photo taken from the Kuromon market site.)

MY TIP: They slash down prices of sushi at 2:00 PM. Apparently, the fish is no longer "fresh" by their high standards starting at 2:00 PM. My daughter bought sushi before 2:00 PM and noticed a few minutes after she bought her sushi, the vendor slashed down prices.

OSAKA: Must Try Food at Dotonbori (What we liked)

October 23, 2017

OSAKA: Must Try Food at Dotonbori
(What we liked)

There's a great variety of food you can try in Dotonbori. But I'm sharing with you the food we really liked. We recommend the following ramen, takoyaki, okonomiyaki and melon pan brands. This is where you can find them.


    Open 24 hours

Entrance of Ichiran Ramen

People lining up to enter Ichiran Ramen

We lined up to enter the restaurant but the wait is not long.

You use this terminal to place your order.

The instructions were:

1. Insert bills

2. Press the ramen button.
3. Remove the meal ticket.
4. Retrieve the change. 

Basic ramen is 890 yen.

Seats inside Ichiran Ramen

The waiter checks your order.

They deliver your ramen through this hole.

Ramen with additional order of tamago and seaweed.


Takoyaki Kukuru is the restaurant on the right with the giant octopus figure on top.

8 pieces is 650 yen, 10 pcs is 750 yen

You can sit inside the restaurant to eat the takoyaki

11:00 AM - 1:00 AM

My tip: Best time to go is during off hours. At meal times, the line is long. We ate at this restaurant 4:30 PM.

Entrance of Chibo
There's usually a line at the front door during lunchtime and dinnertime.

Inside Chibo

While cooking okonomiyaki

We ordered Dotonbori Okonomiyaki.
It has pork, beef tendon and konjac, shrimp, squid and cheese.
Price is 1674 yen.

This okonomiyaki is large and  is good for 2-3 persons.
It is so delicious. We vow to return and eat at this place when we return to Osaka.
It is no wonder that the place always has a long line during meal times. 

We also tried Chibo Yakisoba Noodles.
It's made of pork, prawn, octopus and squid.
The price is 1796 yen. It's also very delicious.


My tip: The line is always long when we pass by this food truck during meal times. I recommend you buy Melon Pan when it's off-hours. Line was short when we went there at 4:00 PM.

Melon Pan food truck 

Average price of Melon Pan is 500 yen.
You can buy melon bread without the ice cream for 200 yen.

The line is long because only the lady owner is dispensing the ice cream.
Warning: Make sure to have the right amount of money with you. They only accept 100 and 1000 yen. They do not accept 5000 and 10,000 yen, as well as coins. That's the warning written on the sign with the red border.

Melon Pan is ice cream placed inside melon bread.
It is so delicious and the texture of the melon bread is quite unique.