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American Taxi: Best Budget Chicago Airport Transportation for 6

June 16, 2012


American Taxi: 
Best Budget Chicago Airport Transportation for 6

In our recent trip to Chicago, I discovered that the cheapest airport transportation  for a family of 6 is the American taxi. From Chicago O'Hare to Wilmette, where our relative lives, the total cost is $50 + tip, broken down as follows:

Fixed rate from O'Hare to Wilmette: 29 usdplus
2 usd for every additional passenger over the age of 12, plus
8 usd added to the flat rate for a van request, plus 
2 usd airport exit rates (when you come from the airport) plus, 
1usd fuel surcharge

See the American taxi rates in your destination

Chicago Airport Express quoted us a rate of $80 + tip. Obviously, American taxi is much cheaper. However, one thing to take note of when deciding whether to take the American taxi of the Chicago Airport Express is the amount of luggage you have. In our case, we only had 6 carry-on luggage and 1 checked luggage. The American taxi van can fit 6 passengers but can only fit 4 checked luggage at most.

How to get the American taxi at Chicago O'Hare International Airport

1. Claim your luggage first.

2. On the same level of the baggage claim area, find a free kiosk phone near the exit door. You can use the free kiosk phone to call a taxi. Photo is shown below:

This free kiosk phone can be found at the same level of the baggage claim area,
near one of the exit doors leading to the area where you take your taxi.

3. Lift the phone, and touch the screen for suburban taxis. 
Note: this phone is not solely devoted to calling for taxis. It includes hotels so you need to touch the screen that will open the screen for suburban taxis.

4. Photo below shows the screen for the suburban taxis. As you can see, there are several American taxis indicated. The one with the X is not the American taxi I'm referring to in this article.

This is the screen that you see in the kiosk phone.
The one marked by X are not the real American taxi

The photo below is the Real American taxi:

The photo below are the fake American taxi:


My tip: To avoid confusion when you're actually calling them, bring a printout of the logo above or remember their telephone number 847-255-9600. In my case, i forgot to bring a printout and when faced with the multiple choices above, I got confused and couldn't remember the logo of the real American taxi. But the good thing is that I kept their number so I was able to compare their number with all the others and was able to filter and find the real American taxi.

5. Call the number, and tell them the following:
I am requesting a VAN TAXI, good for 6 persons going to (state your destination or give the telephone number of your destination)
6.  The operator will then assign you a taxi number. Don't forget your taxi number.

7. After the phone call, go to the exit doors on the same level and walk to the extreme right of the exit doors. Wait for the taxi number assigned to you to arrive.
Note: Exit Doors in O'Hare: 
Terminal 1- Door G; Terminal 2 - Door E; 
Terminal 3 - Door G; International Terminal 5 - Door E

The American taxi pick up lane is on the middle lane on the right side of the exit doors. See photo below:

Follow the arrows above 
to find the area where you can wait for the American taxi.

How to identify the American Taxi

1. The taxi has blue stripes on the side

2. The flat rates are shown on the taxi.

3. Check the logo and phone number

4. The taxi top sign shows " American"