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Food Tasting at Chatuchak Weekend Market

September 18, 2011

Food Tasting at Chatuchak Weekend Market

I'm not really the kind of person who's into shopping. I shop all the time for the kids, buy necessities for the home, and do a lot of grocery shopping. So shopping has always been associated with errands so I don't normally like to do that while on vacation. My idea of fun and relaxation is not to go shopping.

So what am I doing at Chatuchak Market on a long weekend trip in Bangkok? Aside from accompanying my husband who's curious about what Chatuchak looks like, I decided it will be fun to discover what unusual food they have to offer. And I wasn't disappointed!

For those wondering what Chatuchak looks like, and is familiar with Divisoria in the Philippines, it actually looks like a more organized Divisoria. Items are grouped together into sections. The sections are numbered so it will not be hard to look for the items you want to buy. Check out the website for more information.

Just to give you an idea how big it is and in what sections it is organized, here is the map taken from 

Food we tried at Chatuchak

1. Turkish ice cream: 40 baht

Thanks to for this photo.
I wasn't able to take a picture. I was to busy tasting it that I forget to take a photo.

I tried the mango ice cream in cone. You can have it dipped in chocolate and nuts but I preferred to taste the ice cream itself so I requested only a small amount of these add-ons. Other flavors are chocolate and vanilla. 

One thing different I noticed about this ice cream is that it is thick and sticky. I wouldn't say it's creamier than the others but it's more sticky. But it tastes great!

2. Squid Eggs: 40 baht

This is the squid eggs stall.
Squid eggs are actually octopus eggs. They are deep-fried.
The vendor asks you if you want it with spicy vinegar poured on it.  

3. Nan Rolled with Beef Kheema: 30 baht

The nan bread is very good: soft, light and fluffy.
The beef kheema has a slight curry taste to it.

4. Maekang Paklad: 10 baht

The vendor gets a leaf, folds it into a cone.
Then she places peanuts, onion and lemon inside the cone....

... then adds melted sugar (the brown liquid you see),
closes the cone and skewers it into a bamboo stick.
The finished product: maekang paklad.
It tastes sweet and sour with crunchy bits of peanuts.

My tip: If you'd like to try it in another place, it is also available in the Gourmet Section of Siam Paragon.

How to go to Chatuchak

1. Go to any BTS skytrain station.
From Tarntawan place, the Sala Daeng station is just around 5-10min walk. So we went to the Sala Daeng station.
2.  Find the ticketing machine at the station.

This is what the ticketing machine looks like
How to use the ticketing machine:

1. Find how much fare you need to pay to go to Mochit. Look at the fare information.

This is the fare chart at Sala Daeng Station.
The fare chart indicates that fare to Mo Chit from this station is 40 baht
2. Buy the ticket at the ticketing machine.

Just follow the instructions on the machine.
If you don't have coins, you can change it in one of the
manned ticketing counters in the station.

3. Ride the train going to the National Stadium.

4. Get off at Siam, then ride the train going to Mochit station.

5. Get off at Mochit. Go to exit 1 and follow the crowds. 

Other photos of food stalls:

Food court

Assorted cakes at 12 baht each