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JAM JAM EATERY AND BAR @Asai Bangkok Chinatown: My Review and What to Order

April 12, 2024

JAM JAM EATERY AND BAR @Asai Bangkok Chinatown: Review and What to Order

If you happen to be in Chinatown, check out Jam Jam Eatery and Bar at the  ASAI Bangkok Chinatown. They serve excellent and very delicious Thai food at reasonable prices. Everything we ordered was fresh, well-prepared, and with just the right amount of spice. We decided to try it out because it's a highly rated restaurant with very good reviews. But we can personally attest to how delicious it is since we ate there several times during our stay. 

If you're staying at Asai Bangkok Chinatown, there's no need to go out of the hotel to sample very delicious and authentic Thai food. This is very convenient especially when you're hungry and the temperature outside is too hot to walk around searching for Thai food. 

Here is what we ordered:

Aside from the food, the ambience is very cozy, conducive to good conversation.


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My Best Food Souvenir or "Pasalubong" from Bangkok

October 19, 2012

My Best Food Souvenir or "Pasalubong" from Bangkok

This is just to share with you my favorite food to take home from Bangkok. This is by no means the only thing that's good to bring home. But if I were given the choice of bringing home food gifts to relatives and friends back home as pasalubong, this is it.

These are dates with cashews inside.
Oops. It's half full coz I ate most of it already.

This is how it really looks like straight from the store.

The seedless dates.... 

... with a cashew inside.

In case you have problems finding it at
the Gourmet Market of Siam Paragon,
show this label in Thai to the saleslady.

Where to find it

At the Gourmet Market of Siam Paragon Mall

Where to Eat Bangkok Street Food

October 5, 2011

Where to Eat Bangkok Street Food

There are a lot of places you can eat authentic Thai street food in Bangkok. But unlike in Singapore where hawker or street food centers are carefully regulated, Thai street food stalls are not. With this in mind, the only measure we had of gauging which street food to patronize is to observe where a lot of the locals eat. We decided that if the locals patronize it regularly then it must be safe. On my end, I can recommend these  stalls because for the 5 days we were in Bangkok, we ate at these stalls and never experienced stomach problems. 

Where to find safe Bangkok street food
Since we were staying at Tarntawan Place, we tried the street food at Surawong Road where Tarntawan is located.

There are 2 places near Tarntawan Place, Surawong Road where we ate Thai street food:
1. The first one where we ate most meals is beside the Pink Panther club (shown below with the pink logo), underneath the green sign. It is at the corner of Surawong and Patpong Road.

Meals cost 30 baht. This includes 2 viands and a cup of rice.
For the same price, you can choose just 1 viand but they will double the amount.
We usually order food to be taken away. They pack it in styrofoam containers.

As you can see, there's a great variety to choose from so we ate most of our meals here.
2. The other place where we ate is a noodle stall beside Kasikorn bank. Kasikorn bank is located along Surawong Road across Patpong Road. 

The noodle stall where we bought our food

This dish costs 50 baht.

You can add your own condiments:
vinegar with pepper, sugar, hot sauce or dried chili pepper

Why do I recommend trying Bangkok street food?

1. It is authentic
The spices and herbs, and the menu are what the local Thai residents eat so it's authentic.
2. It is cheap. 
We discovered that Thai food in food courts like the one at Siam Paragon are double the price of Thai street food.