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Citylink Eastwood: New Routes and Schedule

April 7, 2017

Citylink Eastwood: New Routes and Schedule

My tip: 
Call Eastwood Mall concierge to confirm the Citylink schedule before you ride it.

  • Tel: (+632) 709-9888/(+632) 709-0888
  • Mobile:(+63) 917-8380101
  • Mall Hours :
    • Sunday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
    • Monday to Thursday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
    • Friday to Saturday: 11:00AM to 11:00PM

Beep cards can now be used at Citylink

New!!! Updated information on schedule and rates as of October 2013.

Citylink Business Class is a shuttle service that starts at Eastwood City and ends at Newport City. You can use this option to go to NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3 since this bus passes by the NAIA Terminal 3 on the way back to Eastwood City. 

My tip:
1. You must ride this bus only at any of the three loading areas: Eastwood City, McKinley Hill or Newport City.
Why? Because the bus sometimes skips the other areas in their route  if there are no passengers getting off  along the route shown below. The only sure way to ride this bus is to go to the loading area.
 2. You must inform the bus driver that you're getting off NAIA Terminal 3 because after Newport City, they can go straight to Eastwood City using another route if the driver doesn't know that there are passengers going to NAIA Terminal 3.
3.  If you want to ride this bus after you arrive at NAIA Terminal 3 and go to Eastwood City, DON'T WAIT AT THE NAIA TERMINAL 3 BUS STOP OF CITYLINK. You're not certain a bus will pass by. Go instead to the Newport City loading area.
How to go to Newport City from Terminal 3? Take the NAIA Loop shuttle and get off the next stop, which is Resorts World Manila. (Fare is 20 pesos). Then go to Citylink loading area at Newport City. (Route of the NAIA Loop shuttle: MRT Taft Station Terminal-NAIA Terminal 3 - Resort World Manila - Marriot hotel - MRT Taft Station Terminal)

Fare: 39 pesos from Eastwood City to NAIA Terminal 3, and vice versa.

Schedule: The new schedule as of September 2013 is shown in the photo below. Their current Saturday schedule used to be the daily schedule. They expanded their service for a non-stop schedule of 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM,  Monday to Friday. Saturday trips are from 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM only. There are no trips Sundays and Holidays.

Route: Eastwood City - Green Meadows - Wilcon Depot - Valle Verde - IPI - Julia Vargas - Lanuza - Green Valley - Kalayaan - 19th Avenue - Market Market - Mini Park - McKinley Hill - Palar - BCDA - Phase 1 and 2 - Housing - Centennial - Service Road - TESDA - Gate 3 - Nichols - Gate 1 - Gate 4 - Newport City then back to Eastwood.

The sign on the bus when you ride at Eastwood City says that it's headed for Newport City. So I asked the bus driver if they stop at Terminal 3, and he says that even though the sign says it's headed for Newport City, they unload passengers at Terminal 3 because that's where they pass going back to Eastwood City. I also called the NAIA Terminal 3 customer service and they verified that the Citylink bus unloads passengers at NAIA Terminal 3.

Loading Area: Eastwood City, McKinley Hill and Newport City. This means the bus stops around 5 minutes in these areas to load passengers. In between these areas, you flag down the bus or inform the driver that you are getting off along the route indicated in the sign.

as of September 2013 (when I wrote this update)

This is the old schedule in January 2012
when I first wrote this article

Travel time from Eastwood City to Terminal 3: 1 1/2 hours (from Eastwood City, the bus passes by Libis, C5,  Bonifacio Global City, McKinley Hill, Newport City then NAIA Terminal 3)

Where bus stops within Eastwood City:
The Citylink Bus stops at the back of Eastwood City Mall, across the Mango Store.
This picture was taken while in the front entrance of Techno Plaza One buidling.
The building on the left is the Eastwood City Mall
Passenger waiting area at Eastwood City
Passenger waiting area is across the Mango Store of Eastwood City Mall

Mango Store is at the back of Eastwood Mall, 
diagonally from Techno Plaza One where Fitness First is located

Location of Eastwood City:

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Park n' Fly: Transport Service to the Manila International Airport

August 3, 2010

Park n' Fly: Transport Service to the Manila International Airport

About Park n' Fly
1. It is an offsite airport parking building
1. It has a multi-level covered parking building.
2. It is open 24 hours.
3. Security is 24 hours.
4. It can accommodate approximately 200 cars.
5. No reservation or pre-booking of parking service.
6. It provides free airport shuttle to all the terminals of the Manila International Airport (Terminal 1, Centennial Terminal, Terminal 3 and the Domestic Airport)

What Service They Provide:
When you depart from Manila:
You park your car at the Park n Fly covered parking lot. They bring you to any terminal of the Manila International Airport, including the Domestic terminal using a shuttle.

When you arrive in Manila:
You call Park n Fly, to pick you up at the airport and bring you to the Park n Fly parking lot where you pick up your car.

 It is located in the corner of MIA and Domestic Road, around 500 meters from the Manila Domestic Airport.

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Rates as of August 2010: 
358 pesos per 24 hours (1 day) to be counted from the time of check-in. 15 pesos per hour in excess of 24 hours. Free airport shuttles to and from the airport (includes all terminals of the airport: Terminal 1, Centennial Terminal, Terminal 3 and the Domestic airport terminal)

Special rates for long stay:
5% discount for 7-14 days of parking

Contact numbers
For more updated information you can call them at 0918-991-0000, 854-9302 to 04

How to go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

How to go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Planning for airport transportation for a big group, or in our case, a family of 6 is more challenging than usual. We have a car but we don't have a driver. The car too must be big enough to accommodate both the passengers and the luggage. In other countries, there are reasonably priced airport shuttles for people who are in the same situation as us. But in the Philippines, I have found these options for people who are in the same situation as us:

1. Drive your own car
  • If your car or van is big enough to accommodate a big group like us, you can opt to use your own car to go to the airport. This is possible even if you don not have a driver. 
  • What we did during our Boracay trip, was use the services of Park N' Fly. My husband drove our car, dropped us off at the airport, then proceeded to the Park N' Fly building to park our car. Park N' Fly is located near the Manila Domestic Airport.
  • After parking the car, Park N' Fly provided my husband with a free shuttle van to bring him to the airport. When we returned from our trip, my husband called the Park N' Fly contact number and requested the shuttle to pick us up and bring us to the Park N' Fly parking building to get our car.
  • Park n' Fly parking rates is on a per 24 hour basis. The parking rates will not be too expensive if your trip is just a short one. They have discounts for parking duration of 7-14 days.
  • See more information on Park N' Fly
2. Ride a taxi 
  • As we Filipinos know, getting a taxi in Manila is not that easy. Even if you're willing to pay the more expensive taxi fare, it doesn't automatically mean you will be able to get one.
  • Finding a taxi for a big group will be more challenging than usual because you will need more than one taxi to be able to accommodate more than 4 people together with their luggage stowed in the taxi's luggage compartment.
Taxi options going TO the airport:
To be certain that a taxi will be available when you go to the airport, you can pre-book a taxi at these contact numbers. I'm mentioning only those I have used before and proven to be reliable.
Tai Taxi: 8011093
Basic Taxi: 9001447 
Taxi options FROM the airport:
From the airport, you do not need to call the taxi I mentioned above and pre-book your airport pick-up. There are 2 kinds of taxis available for hire at the airport curb: 
  1.  the airport coupon taxi, which has a fixed rate, and 
  2.  a metered taxi, which uses the meter to determine the amount you pay. 
  • We usually use the metered taxi because it's cheaper. It's even convenient for a big group to use a taxi coming from the airport, because the taxi are all lined up curb of the airport arrival area and waiting for passengers to ride them. 
  • New! My update as of April 21, 2011: see the ff. post 
How to get a coupon taxi
How to get a metered taxi 
2. Take the public transportation
I don't  recommend taking the bus, the MRT or the jeepney because it's  hard to predict when you will arrive at the airport using these means of transportation. Since arriving at the airport on time is essential, I would suggest you use the other options shown above.