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SAGADA: Recommended Attire for Spelunking in Sumaging Cave

June 16, 2014

SAGADA: Recommended Attire for Spelunking in Sumaging Cave

What happens in Sumaguing Cave:

1. You slide down dry and wet rocks.

2. You crawl through small holes to get to the other side.

3. You scale walls to get to the other side.

4. You climb rocks.

5. You get wet.

Therefore, the attire you need are:

1. Clothes that protect your body, especially your arms and legs from scratches when you bump or slide against the rocks.

2. Clothes that dry easily when you get wet.

3. Lightweight outdoor shoes that has a strong grip and dries easily.

This is the attire I came up with:

Rash guard top from SM Department store: 499 pesos 
Leggings from SM Department store: 499 pesos 
Aqua shoes from SM Departments store: 250 pesos

For the price of around 1250 pesos, you have the most appropriate clothes for spelunking. At the same time, these clothes can also be used for swimming in the beach. So it's not waste of money to buy them even if you intend to go spelunking only once.

Other accessories I recommend you bring:

1. Head lights

If the gas lamps brought by the guides accidentally turn off, your group won't be left in pitch-black darkness. It's very dangerous to be in pitch-black darkness in this cave. 

2. Go Pro camera with headstrap.

Photo courtesy of
This is the best video camera that you can bring because you can cover this activity hands-free. You need both hands to survive this cave.

With the fish eye lens of the Go Pro camera, it will be able to record everything you see in the cave. 

We brought our regular digital camera but we didn't hold it. Gareth, our guide, took all the pictures for us.

Of course, if you're alone, it's best to have a headlamp rather than a Go Pro camera strapped to your head. This is my suggestion if at least one in your group already has a head lamp strapped to his head.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our Go Pro Camera so I cannot share the video with you. 

You can wear t-shirt, shorts and slippers. However, the disadvantage of wearing these are as follows:

1. If you wear a regular t-shirt , it won't dry immediately after it gets wet, unless it's a dri-fit shirt. 
With mostly cold weather in Sagada, you may not be able to walk back to your inn after the spelunking because of your wet clothes.

2. If you wear shorts, it will not protect your legs from scratches, when you climb on rocks. 

3. If you wear slippers, the guide will ask you to go barefoot in some parts of the cave when you need a more precise grip from your bare foot. 
If you wear rubber shoes, the guide will also ask you to remove it and go barefoot. The guides, however, allow aqua shoes during spelunking, because it's lightweight, has the grip and won't absorb a lot of water in the parts of the cave that are submerged in waist-deep water. 

My Packing List: Why I Love the Envirosax

March 18, 2014

My Packing List: Why I Love the Envirosax

The envirosax is an essential item in any traveler's list. I strongly recommend that you have this item in your handbag or backpack at all times, especially if you're a mom traveling with kids.

The envirosax is a reuseable bag. But it's not your ordinary reuseable bag. I love it for it's special qualities that I'll discuss below.


1. It's a large foldable bag that can accommodate so many items. It's measured 19.7"x 16.5 " in size. From my experience, I'm able to pack a lot of groceries in it. 

Just to give you an idea, how large it is, these are example of items I was able to carry in an envirosax bag:
a. a 19 inch lcd computer monitor weighing 2 kilos.
b. 4 regular sized shoe boxes
c. 4 2-liter bottles of softdrinks.

2. According to their website, the bag has been tested to hold at least 44 lbs of weight without the straps and the bag itself giving in. 

I have not carried that much weight in a bag. But I have carried 4 pcs 2-liter bottles of softdrinks in it and the straps didn't give in. Since the bag has been actually tested to carry this much weight, you are reassured the straps or the bag itself won't give in 

3. It's foldable into a small piece as shown below, the size of a sushi as stated in its website.

Instructions on how to fold it is sewn in the inner portion of the bag

It is shown below how easy it is to fold it:

Fold it in two

Fold the left side...

Fold the right side

Fold the top/ strap

Fold the one below

Then roll into a sushi

4. Its lightweight and not bulky like other cheaper foldable bags so it doesn't take up much space in the bag.

5. It's stylish.

Since it's stylish, there's greater probability that you will use it in any occasion.

I make it a point to buy one that suits a female holding it, and another one with a male in mind just in case my son or husband happens to carry it.

At all Fully Booked branches. Check out the branches here

You can see it in these containers at all Fully Booked stores.

6. It's waterproof.

It's made of waterproof polyester so the items you carry will surely be protected in case it rains. At one time, I even used it to protect myself from getting wet when it unexpectedly rained. In that sense, it served an additional and unexpected purpose.

375 pesos. It's worth the price considering it's durability and usefulness.

Adidas Outlet Store at C5, Taguig: Is it Worth the Trip?

August 24, 2013

Adidas Outlet Store at C5, Taguig: Is it Worth the Trip?

I love my Adidas Supernova Glide 2. It has the perfect cushion for my feet. I haven't found any other running shoe that fits me so well, that made running or walking so comfortable. I survive day-long walking tours during our trips without feeling any foot pain. Thanks to the Adidas Supernova Glide.

I bought mine at 50% off (around 2500 pesos) last January 2012 at an Adidas Store at Ali Mall. I thought that was cheap so I've been looking for the same discount ever since. I didn't want to shell out 5000-6000 pesos for a shoe so I tried scouting for  a discounted Supernova Glide at the different Adidas stores I chanced upon. But I was unsuccessful. 

Then my husband brought me to this great Adidas outlet store at C5, Taguig. He's been telling me about it but I didn't think it was worth the trip to go all the way to C5, especially since I only frequent the Quezon City area which I felt was too far from this outlet store. But this time, I was with my husband when he made a side trip to this store before our dinner date. So I decided to browse around the store and look for my Supernova Glide.

Lo and behold, I found my Supernova Glide. It's not even an old Supernova Glide 2 like my old one but a newer version which is a Supernova Glide 4, released only last 2012. The price I got it is at 70% off or only at 1798.5 pesos (original price is 5995 pesos). 

For those who do not think it's' worth going all the way to C5 Taguig to visit, I disagree. With the possibility of getting large discounts for a wide selection of  relatively newer edition of Adidas shoes, it's worth the hassle and the traffic of going all the way to this store. The store is 2 floors, with the men's selection at the ground floor and the women's and kids' selections at the 2nd floor.

My receipt shows that I bought the Supernova Glide 4 at 1798.50 pesos only.

My brand new Supernova Glide 4 in the box showing its original price.

The latest edition Supernova Glide 5 in Singapore priced at SG $199.00 (or 6875 pesos)

My tip: 

If you know the exact model of the shoes you want, you can call before you go to find out if there's a size for you.

Adidas Outlet Store C-5 Taguig (at Petron Gas Station C5 northbound lane)
Address: Corner of C-5 and Diego Silang Avenue, Brgy Ususan, Taguig
Contact numbers: +632 8289296
Store Hours: 10:00 AM -10:00 PM Daily

How to get there:

View Larger Map

List of Mosquito Repellant Available in the Philippines

September 22, 2010

List of Mosquito Repellent 
Available in the Philippines

Below is a list of mosquito repellent available in the Philippines. The article below is from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and I am reproducing it word-for-word. 

Note: Off lotion, Off for kids, Off overtime, and Off soft & scented is available at any grocery and drugstore in the Philippines. It is the most common mosquito repellent in the Philippines.

Protect your family from dengue by arming yourselves with these products
What: Anti-Bug Balm is created by Badger, the same company behind the popular Sleep
Balm (another product we love). Badger Anti-Bug Balm is a USDA-certified organic insect repellent that contains all-natural ingredients, including citronella oil, cedar oil and lemongrass oil. Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you—this balm is effective. And we’re not the only ones who love it. It has gotten great reviews from people who used it, including one who brought it to the jungles of the Amazon and swears the balm kept her protected.

Where: Rustan’s Essenses

How much: P495 for the big 2-oz tin

How: Apply it to your face, hands and other exposed areas.

Why it’s good: This balm doesn’t just drive bugs away, it’s good for your children’s skin, too.

Bite Be Gone

What: Bite Be Gone Mosquito Duo is a two-in-one product—the tube contains a repellent cream that promises to prevent mosquito bites while the cap holds a balm that can be used to soothe
mosquito bites.

Where: Rustan’s Essenses

How much: P295

How: Apply a small amount of the repellent cream on the skin. Apply the balm onto bites and massage lightly. Apply two to three times a day.

Why it’s good: Bite Be Gone comes in a tube that’s handy and can easily be slipped into your bag.

Off! Soft & Scented

What: Off! Soft & Scented is an insect repellent lotion that contains chamomile. Dermatologically tested, Off! Soft & Scented doesn’t just offer protection from mosquitoes, it also promises to soothe the skin.

Where: Ace Hardware

How much: P114.75 for 100 ml

How: Apply lotion on exposed areas.

Why it’s good: Off! Soft & Scented is extra gentle on the skin.

Off! Aqua Spritz

What: Off! Aqua Spritz is an insect repellent spray that feels light on the skin.

Where: Watsons

How much: P79.75 for 30 ml

How: Spray evenly on exposed skin. To use on your face and neck, spray onto hand and rub on. Repeat application after four hours. Do not spray onto the hands of small children—they might rub their eyes and cause irritation.

Why it’s good: Off! Aqua Spritz’s formula is non-greasy. We love the convenience of easy application—no mess!

Bug Off! Wristband

What: Bug Off! is an insect repelling wristband that contains no DEET and no chemical-based insecticides. Since it uses plant oil-based ingredients such as citronella, lemongrass and geranium to keep bugs away, it is safe and nontoxic. There are Bug Off! wristbands for adults and for kids.

Where: Ace Hardware

How much: P179.75

How: Wear it like a bracelet.

Why it’s good: If your kids don’t like being rubbed with lotion, this wristband might be a good way to go. Bug Off! lasts for as long as 180 hours. If used for just eight hours a day and stored properly after every use, it can last up to 22 days. A bonus? The wristbands for kids glow in the dark, making it fun for kids to wear.

Off! For Kids

What: Off! For Kids is an insect repelling lotion that was formulated for kids. It offers three hours of protection and comes with a tropical fresh fragrance.

Where: Watsons

How much: P65

How: Apply lotion to exposed skin.

Why it’s good: Off! For Kids’ formula is gentle and smells like melons and berries.

Off! Overtime

What: Off! Overtime is an insect repelling lotion that offers eight-hour protection.

Where: Ace Hardware

How much: P79.75 for 50 ml

How: Rub lotion on the exposed skin.

Why it’s good: Its long-lasting effect offers convenience. No need to reapply every four hours.

Pest Off! Anti-Mosquito Patch

What: Pest Off! Anti-Mosquito Patches are patches that can be attached to clothes to offer up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitoes.

Where: Ace Hardware

How much: P97.75 for five patches

How: Attach adhesive side to clothes.

Why it’s good: Pest Off! is chemical-free and can also be attached to furniture to drive mosquitoes away from your home.


What: Para’Kito wrist bands are natural refillable wrist bands that offer protection from mosquitoes by using natural essences.

Where: Kidz Station (Power Plant, Glorietta, Shangri-La Mall)

How much: P495

How: Insert the active pellet into one of the wristbands and wear it.

Why it’s good: Para’Kito is easy to wear and safe. There are different colors you and your kids can choose from.

Buzz Away

What: Buzz Away is a natural repellent that doesn’t just protect you from mosquitoes—it keeps ticks, flies, gnats away, too.

Where: Healthy Options

How much: P745

How: Just spray it on.

Why it’s good: The spray offers ultimate convenience. Buzz Away’s formula is non-sticky and leaves the skin feeling cool.

Is there Malaria in Palawan?

September 6, 2010

Is there Malaria in Palawan?

Since I'm traveling with kids, the first thing I researched on is how prevalent malaria is in Palawan. My research showed that Palawan has no malaria in urban areas. If you'd like to see the US Center for Disease Control Map regarding malaria in the Philippines, click here.
We were likewise assured by our guide that there is no malaria in Puerto Princesa city, and only some cases in the forest and small villages. 

There's no vaccination for malaria yet. Your only option is to drink prophylaxis medicine. However, drinking prophylaxis medicine prior to leaving for Palawan is not an option for my kids because of the side effect. My personal assessment is that the side effect far outweighs the advantage of drinking prohylaxis medicine to prevent malaria. We plan to travel primarily in urban areas and away from the forest where cases of malaria is occasionally found.

The key is to to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes as much as you can. So we took the following precautions and added these things to our packing list:

1. insect repellant or OFF lotion in huge quantities

Off! Skintastic Insect Repellent, Tropical Fresh, Family , 6 fl oz (177 ml)Search for insect repellant 
  • We never left our hotel/inn without applying OFF lotion. You can mix the off lotion with the sunblock.
  • We reapply OFF lotion in the afternoon  because the malaria-carrying mosquito mostly bites from dusk till dawn.
  • Always bring with you whenever you go sightseeing OFF lotion together with your sunblock.
  • Reapply OFF lotion especially before going to the Underground River Park, since you enter the forest on the way to the underground river.
  • A room without aircon is not an option. But if you did not get an aircon room, make sure your room is fully screened or bring a mosquito net to put on your bed just to be sure. 
  • this is useful especially in case of power interruption when you can't open your aircon. 
  • In addition to a mosquito net, a mosquito coil can be lighted in your room to give added protection.
Below are more information taken from US Center for Disease Control. 

Areas of the Philippines with Malaria: Present in rural areas <600 m (<1,969 ft) on islands of Luzon, Palawan, and Mindanao. None in urban areas. (more information)
If you will be visiting an area of the Philippines with malaria, you will need to discuss with your doctor the best ways for you to avoid getting sick with malaria. Ways to prevent malaria include the following:
  • Taking a prescription antimalarial drug
  • Using insect repellent and wearing long pants and sleeves to prevent mosquito bites
  • Sleeping in air-conditioned or well-screened rooms or using bednets
All of the following antimalarial drugs are equal options for preventing malaria in the Philippines: Atovaquone/proguanil, doxycycline, or mefloquine. For detailed information about each of these drugs, see Table 2-23: Drugs used in the prophylaxis of malaria. For information that can help you and your doctor decide which of these drugs would be best for you, please see Choosing a Drug to Prevent Malaria.
Note: Chloroquine is NOT an effective antimalarial drug in the Philippines and should not be taken to prevent malaria in this region.
To find out more information on malaria throughout the world, you can use the interactive CDC malaria map. You can search or browse countries, cities, and place names for more specific malaria risk information and the recommended prevention medicines for that area.

Packing List for the Underground River Tour

August 31, 2010

Packing List for the Underground River Tour

waterproof backpacks 
Overboard 25 Liters - 6.6 Gallons - Black Waterproof Backpack

extra change of clothes
 Speedo Axcel Team Splice Swimsuit - 1-Piece, Axcel Back (For Women) Speedo Men's Core Basic Rally Solid Volley Fashion Swimsuit, Midnight, X-LargeSpeedo Girls 7-16 Sport Splice Solid Swimsuit,Navy/Blue,16


hand sanitizer
Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, 8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6), Package may vary
Search for hand sanitizer

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Mirrored Goggle, Black/Silver
Search for goggles

underwater camera case
DicaPac WP410 160x105mm Small Zoom Alfa Waterproof Digital Camera Case with Optical Lens (Clear)
Search for underwater camera case

waterproof case for gadgets, cellphones, wallet
 Aquapac Submersible Large Waterproof Case
Search for waterproof case

beach toy
toilet paper
emergency medicines
bottled water
cookies or biscuits