My Packing List: Why I Love the Envirosax

March 18, 2014

My Packing List: Why I Love the Envirosax

The envirosax is an essential item in any traveler's list. I strongly recommend that you have this item in your handbag or backpack at all times, especially if you're a mom traveling with kids.

The envirosax is a reuseable bag. But it's not your ordinary reuseable bag. I love it for it's special qualities that I'll discuss below.


1. It's a large foldable bag that can accommodate so many items. It's measured 19.7"x 16.5 " in size. From my experience, I'm able to pack a lot of groceries in it. 

Just to give you an idea, how large it is, these are example of items I was able to carry in an envirosax bag:
a. a 19 inch lcd computer monitor weighing 2 kilos.
b. 4 regular sized shoe boxes
c. 4 2-liter bottles of softdrinks.

2. According to their website, the bag has been tested to hold at least 44 lbs of weight without the straps and the bag itself giving in. 

I have not carried that much weight in a bag. But I have carried 4 pcs 2-liter bottles of softdrinks in it and the straps didn't give in. Since the bag has been actually tested to carry this much weight, you are reassured the straps or the bag itself won't give in 

3. It's foldable into a small piece as shown below, the size of a sushi as stated in its website.

Instructions on how to fold it is sewn in the inner portion of the bag

It is shown below how easy it is to fold it:

Fold it in two

Fold the left side...

Fold the right side

Fold the top/ strap

Fold the one below

Then roll into a sushi

4. Its lightweight and not bulky like other cheaper foldable bags so it doesn't take up much space in the bag.

5. It's stylish.

Since it's stylish, there's greater probability that you will use it in any occasion.

I make it a point to buy one that suits a female holding it, and another one with a male in mind just in case my son or husband happens to carry it.

At all Fully Booked branches. Check out the branches here

You can see it in these containers at all Fully Booked stores.

6. It's waterproof.

It's made of waterproof polyester so the items you carry will surely be protected in case it rains. At one time, I even used it to protect myself from getting wet when it unexpectedly rained. In that sense, it served an additional and unexpected purpose.

375 pesos. It's worth the price considering it's durability and usefulness.