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Summer Outing at Pranjetto, Tanay

March 3, 2011

Summer Outing at Pranjetto

Summer 2010 is the hottest summer we've experienced for the past few years. We live in Antipolo and this is the only summer when we are forced to open the aircon in the middle of the day. An electric fan is usually sufficient to get us through the heat. But this year, the midday heat is so unbearable that we usually open the aircon when at home.

Being only an hour away from Antipolo, I didn't think  Pranjetto Hills Resort in Tanay will have a weather no different from what we experience in Antipolo. But I was so pleasantly surprised when we arrived there. It was windy and cool even at midday. The receptionist said it was the hottest summer they experienced, but for us who live in Antipolo, and for the rest of our relatives who live in Manila, this place provides a welcome respite from the heat. I can imagine how cold it is from December to February. 

This is a popular destination for motorbike riders. So you see a lot of riders traversing this route. When I drove our car going there, I understood why they use the route to practice their riding skills. The turns are sharp and the road gradually goes uphill. The road is well paved and motorists do not frequently pass the route. Bikers usually have breakfast at a small restaurant at Pranjetto.

What That Kids Will Enjoy
During summer, what the kids would enjoy would be swimming. This place has one swimming pool with several huts around it. It's located in a slightly shaded area. This resort is surrounded by trees and located in a slightly forested area.

What That Adults Will Enjoy
1. The adults will like the proximity of the place from Manila. It's only an hour's ride from Antipolo, an hour and a half, from Cubao.
2. The cool weather even in the hottest of all summers
3. The paved roads
4. The peace and quiet
5. The beauty of the natural landscape.

Traveler's photos of the Resort:


How to book:
My sister-in-law who booked the huts had a hard time contacting reception. Contact numbers are shown above with the rates.

My tip:

1. In any day outing, the hardest part is providing lunch for everyone in the group. On this trip, what I did is order Jollibee. The convenience of fast food takeout is:

  • you can order the meals only the night before, and have it ready for pickup the next day. In the case of Jollibee, you can also cancel anytime until 30min before pickup because they text you in the morning prior to making it to find out if the order is still on.
  • it is already individually packed, complete with utensils. So all you need to bring when you leave home are the drinks.  
The nearest Jollibee along the way from Antipolo to Pranjetto is Jollibee Cogeo. I ordered Spaghetti and Yum with TLC for pick up the next day. Jollibee Cogeo was very efficient and had my order ready and on time when I picked it up.

2. Sunday is the best time to do this trip. People are usually out on Saturdays at the malls. When you go to this place, you have to use Marcos Highway which has several malls along the way.
3. If you live in Antipolo, you can avoid the traffic caused by jeeps en route to Cogeo by Sumulong highway and making a right at a fork 2 km from Assumption Antipolo. It leads you directly to Cogeo town.

What to bring:
  • swimsuit
  •  sunblock
  •  towel/sarong
  •  slippers
  • floaters
  • pump
  • food in disposable packs 
  • drinks (especially water) 
  • first aid medicines (for headache, fever, dizziness, indigestion) 
  • hand sanitizer 
  • tissue/toilet paper/wet ones 
  • camera (digicam or videocam), extra batteries
How to get there:

  • for detailed directions, see my article " How to go to Pranjetto Hills, Tanay".

Travel time:
  • from Cubao to Pranjetto on a Sunday: 1 1/2 hours
  • from Antipolo to Pranjetto on a Sunday: 1 hour. (Pranjetto is 42 km from Valley Golf, Antipolo)

Day Tour Itinerary:
Day tour hours is from 8am-5pm, which means the resort is open to day tourists from 8am-5pm only.
9am-11am: Travel time from Antipolo to Pranjetto with stop at Jollibee Cogeo 
11am-3pm: Swimming and Lunch 
3pm-4pm:   Travel time from Pranjeto to Antipolo

From Cogeo to Pranjetto, there is no store where you can buy pasalubong. You have to go up to Antipolo to encounter any pasalubong store.

Total cost of the trip: Under construction
To compute for your own trip, download this interactive excel file: 

Pranjetto Hills Resort: Traveler's Photos

March 2, 2011

Pranjetto Hills Resort: Traveler's Photos

          To see the rates, my itinerary, and travel tips to this destination, check out my article "Summer Outing at Pranjetto".

          To find out how to get there, check out my article "How to go to Pranjetto Hills, Tanay."

This entrance is along the National Road and leads to the small restaurant

This entrance is also along the National Road, at the right side of the restaurant.
Cars can be parked here.
Motorbike parking near the national road

The small restaurant

The simple menu of the small restaurant

The convention hall

Amethyst Hall
This is located at the left of the convention hall shown above

Diamond Hall
This is located at the center of the convention hall shown above

Ruby Hall
This is located at the right of the convention hall shown above

This is where the rooms are located

Another view of the building where the rooms are located

The swimming pool is surrounded by trees

The swimming pool
The yellow building on left is the comfort room.
The building behind the pool is where the karaoke is located.

The surrounding forest

The view of the resort from above