BORACAY: Where to Find Good Old-Fashioned Pinoy Halo Halo at D'Mall

April 20, 2013

BORACAY: Where to Find Good Old-Fashioned Pinoy Halo Halo at D'Mall

If you're like us who crave for the traditional no-frills Pinoy Halo Halo on a hot summer day, go to the newly-opened Halo Halo Hut at D'Mall. When you crave for one, you don't have to go through every restaurant menu in the area just to find out if they serve the traditional Filipino Halo Halo. Just drop by the stall of Halo Halo Hut. They serve the classic Filipino Halo Halo and other Filipino versions of the Halo Halo.

Where it is located

Just follow the arrow on the map above (courtesy of myboracayguide)
Follow the sign at D'mall that leads you to "D'Mall Palengke"

Halo Halo Hut is beside JRS Express at D'Mall Palengke

Menu and Price List

Halo Halo we tasted

Islands Halo Halo
(the classic Filipino Halo Halo)
Pampanga Style Halo Halo

BORACAY: How to go around the Island by Tricycle

April 19, 2013

BORACAY: How to go around the Island by Tricycle

If you're staying at a hotel in Boracay Station 1 and have tried walking to D'mall where most of the shops and dining options are, you know that it's a 10-15 min walk via the main road. It will be shorter via the White Beach, but if you're tired already it will still be a long walk. Your best option is ride the tricycle from one station to another.

Where to Get a Tricycle

There are no specific terminal where you can ride the tricycle. You just go to the main road and flag down any tricycle plying  the main road. The main road is shown below:

Capacity of the Tricycle

We are a family of 2 adults and 4 teenagers. We were able to fit in the tricycle with 2 adults sitting in front and 4 kids sitting at the back. I think you can even fit another adult riding at the back of the driver. In the Philippines, there's no limit to the number of passengers riding a tricycle. The same thing is true with riding a tricycle around Boracay Island. The only exception is riding a tricycle from Caticlan jetty port to Caticlan airport and vice versa, where you're allowed to fit in only 3 persons  per tricycle

2 adults can sit in the front, 4 kids can sit at the back and
1 adult can ride "side saddle" behind the driver

As you can see from the rear view mirror above, the six of us fit in the tricycle with 2 adults seated in front and 4 kids seated at the back

Tricycle Rates (Special trips)

Between stations (ex. fr. Station 1 hotel to D'Mall)
1-5 persons: 50 pesos per tricycle
6-7 persons: 10 pesos per head

Station 1, 2, 3 to Cagban jetty port (and vice versa):
1-3 persons: 150 pesos per tricycle
My tip: If you are more than 3 persons in a group,it will be cheaper to rent a van at 250 pesos per van.
Disclosure:  We were charged 150 pesos from Station 1, White House resort area by the tricycle driver. Three passengers and three 10 kg luggage occupied one tricycle. The tricycle price list is shown below and taken from My Boracay Guide Map

HOWEVER, my nephew informed us that he was charged only 100 pesos TWO WEEKS AGO for a special trip from Station 2, D'Mall, Budget Mart area to Cagban port. He occupied one tricycle alone. 
My tip: Negotiate with the tricycle driver because based on my nephew's experience, price can be lower. Make sure to bring small bills so you can give an exact amount and not wait for change.

Station 1, 2, 3 to Puka beach (and vice versa):
150 pesos per tricyle

BORACAY: Caticlan Airport Guide: Facilities and Amenities

BORACAY: Caticlan Airport Guide: Facilities and Amenities

Caticlan Airport is a small airport that caters to passengers visiting the island of Boracay. As a small airport, it has few amenities. These are the facilities and amenities available at Caticlan airport:


This is the first level. The door above is the boarding gate.
In case this lounge is full, there are more seats available in the second level.

LCD TV tuned in to CNN


They have strong wifi.
You need to log in through the internet to access it.

You can find the wifi username and password posted on the food stall at the back of the lounge. 


You can do your last minute souvenir shopping here





The breastfeeding lounge can be found through the door you see on the left


What You Can Expect from the Aubergine Degustation Menu

April 9, 2013

What You Can Expect from the Aubergine Degustation Menu

It is always a delight to dine at Aubergine. It's an expensive fine dining restaurant but the superb quality of food is something that is worth the price and is worth saving for in case you don't have enough money to splurge on one meal as expensive the degustation menu of Aubergine. I'ts hard to explain how delightful the food is until you've tasted it, especially since I'm not a gourmand or even a good cook. One thing I know is that my pleasurable lunch date with my husband was enhanced by the delightful food served by Aubergine. 

My tips to enhance your enjoyment Aubergine's degustation menu:

1. Go with someone who will not distract you from savoring your meal.

You need some peace and quiet to focus on savoring the many distinct flavors of each course. If you're on a business lunch, you will focus on closing your deal. If you dine with kids, you will be concentrate on dealing with their needs. If you're with a friend who chatters endlessly, you will focus on conversation. 

2. Have enough time to slowly savor the meal.

I noticed that the food gets better on my subsequent bites. This means the second bite is better than the first bite. The third bite is better than the second bite and so on and so forth. My husband and I spent 2 hours dining at this restaurant, savoring each bite and as we savor each other's company.

3. Go during lunchtime on a holiday or a Sunday.

At lunchtime on the Day of Valor holiday, we arrived with only another couple in the restaurant. Halfway through our meal, the other couple left. We had the whole restaurant all to ourselves. I presume there are more diners who prefer dinnertime and more diners during weekdays.

4. If you're not a large eater, don't order the meal with wine or juice.

In my case, I was already full half-way through my meal. I almost treated the mango-sorbet as my dessert. Imagine how it will be if I ordered the degustation menu with wine.  Each course has a wine to accompany it. I would not have been able to finish the meal. To be able to finish this meal, you need to accompany it with just 1 glass of water.

5. If you plan to dine here again and order the degustation menu, make sure to do it after a week or when they change the degustation menu.

I was informed by our server that they change the degustation menu weekly, on a Thursday or a Friday.

This is the degustation menu we tried today:

Amuse Bouche
Garden greens tossed in raspberry dressing (left side)
French duck foie gras cake with Calvados (middle)
Beetroot marinated salmon with creme fraiche and salmon roe (right)
Pumpkin cream soup with orange and champagne froth
Braised beef shortrib on potato mousseline
Mandarin Lemon Sorbet
My main course:
Grilled Chilean Sea bass
on Prawn Risotto and Mushroom and Zucchini, with Green Asparagus and Bouillabaisse nage
My husband's main course
Grilled US Black Angus Striploin Steak
served with Port Wine sauce and Bernaise,
Glazed Vegetables and Rosemary Potato Gratin
(Note: My husband ordered it medium rare but they overcooked the steak and it turned out medium well)

The optional cheese course (You add 200 pesos for this)
Brie de Meaux (left)
Chevre with sliced grapes and almonds (middle)
This is served with your choice of bread.

Tropic Grenadine Bar (top)
Mango Ice Cream with candied strawberries underneath (left)
Marinated berries (right)

Unlimited bread with butter and pimiento

Inside Aubergine restaurant

Aubergine Restaurant
5th ave, Bonifacio Global City