BAROSSA VALLEY, AUSTRALIA: Cheap places to eat near the Barossa Visitor Centre

September 22, 2021

Barossa Visitor Centre

BAROSSA VALLEY, AUSTRALIA: Cheap places to eat near the Barossa Visitor Centre

We tried two restaurants near the Barossa Visitor Center serving delicious food and are reasonably priced. I recommend both restaurants for those doing the hop-on-hop-off Trailhopper wine tours from Adelaide since the Barossa Visitor Centre is one of the places included in those tours. 



We dined here right after the trailhopper wine tour. Although slightly drunk, we were able to reach this place easily because it's right across the road where the Barossa Visitor Center is located. 

Location is right across the Barossa Visitor Center

This is the old sign when it was still Tanunda Chickens
We ate there when it was still Tanunda Chickens in 2018.
So what we got was roast chicken

Google view of the old entrance
Note that it is beside the Fine Aboriginal Art & Souvenirs Store

This is the new sign and entrance.
This photo is taken from their Facebook page.
Note that the store beside it is still the Fine Aboriginal Art & Gifts store.


Photo is taken at their Facebook page
Current as of July 2021


(Current as of July 2021)

(Taken from their Facebook page)

FACEBOOK PAGE: Tanunda Takeaway


This pizza place serves a lot of different varieties of pizza, from the traditional to the gourmet so you have a lot of choices but prices are very reasonable. The pizza and pasta that we bought shown in the photos below are really good. This place is highly recommended.

Location is also very near the Barossa Visitor Centre



TO SEE THE MENU order online HERE

Below are photos of what we ordered:

The Diavolo

Beef, jalapeno peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms and capsicums, cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chilli.

Tomato fettuccine

A creamy sauce with white wine, bacon, chicken, sundried tomato, onion, asparagus and fettuccine with mozzarella or parmesan