Step-by-step guide on How to Get your Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate in the Philippines

November 3, 2021

 Step-by-step guide on How to Get your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in the Philippines 

If you are vaccinated in the Philippines, this is the official government site issuing the covid vaccination certificate that is accepted by airlines when flying abroad. The vaccination certificate is issued by the Philippine Department of Health and the Bureau of Quarantine. To generate your vaccination certificate, you need to do the following:

1. Go to and click request vaccination certificate, and then review and agree to the data privacy statement. 

2. You need to answer the questions in the same manner as below to be able to proceed. 

3. Enter your personal details. 

4. Enter your vaccination information. 

If you were vaccinated in a city, there are two ways it's presented as shown above. 

5. Review the information before continuing. 

6. You are asked to input auto-generated 7 random characters before continuing. 

7. Click "Generate Vaccination Certificate". You don't need to input a passport number to generate the certificate. 

8. Voila! You can now download your vaccination certificate or take a screenshot of your certificate. 

My Review of MA MON LUK SIOPAO DELIVERY: How to Order and What to Order

My Review of MA MON LUK SIOPAO DELIVERY: How to Order and What to Order



This is their best seller. This is also our favorite. The difference between the regular and special asado siopao is the presence of salted duck egg. 



You can skip ordering the large mami. Not worth the price or the calories. 


The only way you can have this delivered is by grab pabili or the lalamove purchase service. I used the grab pabili service to buy the food. No need to call Ma Mon Luk prior to booking the grab pabili service. Just check if Ma Mon Luk is open when you order. I don't think the app reflects opening hours in the grab pabili ssrvicelike grab food. 


What to Expect at the NPF Drive Through Vaccination Center

October 20, 2021

What to Expect at the NPF Drive Through Vaccination Center

The NPF Drive Through is the Nayong Pilipino Foundation Vaccination Center located at New Seaside Drive, Paranaque. For those scheduled for vaccination at this vaccination center, here is what you can expect.


This is where they scan the QR code of the vaccinee and ask for the ID for verification of identity. 


They scan your QR code again and check your ID again. Then they repeat the questions you answered in the health declaration you submitted in the app. But this time they ask whether you got another covid vaccine before this vaccine that is about to be administered. As of this writing, the DoH guidelines prohibit booster shots after being fully vaccinated with another vaccine or taking a dose different from the previous vaccine.


They get your ID for another identity verification prior to administering the vaccination. 

Procedure for vaccination:

1. The nurse asks you where you want your vaccination to be administered, the left arm or the right arm. 

2. The nurse identifies the vaccine as Moderna, shows you the syringe containing 0.5 ml of the vaccine then jabs your arm with the vaccine. 

3. Then the nurse shows you the empty syringe after vaccination. 

4. They return your ID and instruct you to wait in the observation. They give you souvenir stickers for being fully vaccinated. 

5. If you don't have allergies to meds or any component of the vaccine, you are instructed to wait for 5 minutes in the observation area before leaving. If you declare you have allergies, you are instructed to wait 30 min at the observation area. 

Some are vaccinated inside the car.

Others are asked to get off the car.

If you don't have allergies to meds or any component of the vaccine, you are instructed to wait for 5 minutes in the observation area before leaving. If you declare you have allergies, you are instructed to wait 30 min at the observation area. 

While waiting at the observation area, you can use the toilets beside the observation area and the vaccination area.



1. Screenshot or printout of QR code
2. Identification card with photo
3. Water, Paracetamol, Gatorade 
Drink paracetamol and Gatorade after vaccination to anticipate side effects. 


1. Don't exercise the day before vaccination to minimize bodily pains after vaccination. 
2. Drink paracetamol every 4 hours for 48 hours to effectively manage fever, chills and body pain. Make sure to stay hydrated with Gatorade or hydrite. Headaches ease when you stay hydrated.
3. The side effects last only 48 hours. Consult a doctor if it lasts more than 48 hours. 


October 6, 2021


Ramen Nagi released a new ready-to-eat ramen for takeout. Unlike the frozen version that is ready-to-cook, this ready-to-eat ramen is as delicious as eating their ramen while dining in. The ramen was delivered to us fresh and hot. The broth was delivered in a separate pouch from the meat, vegetables and noodle. You pour the broth into the bowl. Then heat it in the microwave to make it as hot as the ones served in the restaurant. Voila! It's like eating the ramen in the Ramen Nagi restaurant.

Hopefully, when they successfully launch it nationwide, they will provide the further option to customize. We tried requesting they add several levels of spiciness and they obliged. We received the ramen spicier than the usual chef's recommendation.

Note: I got my ramen at the Ayala Malls Feliz branch.


I ordered ramen from the Ramen Nagi website at

My tip: Although they do not customize, I still tried to make a request to increase the level of spiciness by filling up the notes box at checkout and indicating how many levels of spiciness I wish to add. They obliged. The ramen they delivered had more fire sauce.


The ramen arrived in a paper bag.

The ramen condiments: noodles, vegetables, meat were contained in a microwaveable bowl. The hot broth is in a separate pouch so the noodles remain fresh and not soggy unlike if it was delivered with the broth mixed in already. There is a 4 hour time stamp within which to consume the meal to guarantee freshness. Chopsticks, a spoon and napkin is included.


Open the lid of the bowl.
This bowl is the Red King without the broth.

Pour the broth into the bowl. As you can see, the pouch is very well made. The left edge is narrowly shaped for easy pouring when you cut through it.

Red King with the broth poured into it.
If you wish a hotter version, you can just put it in the microwave.
The ramen comes with a microwaveable bowl.

Green King without the broth

Green King with the broth

Butao King without the broth

Black King without the broth

Other ready-to-eat items you can order:

Chicken Karaage

Pork katsu roll

BAROSSA VALLEY, AUSTRALIA: Cheap places to eat near the Barossa Visitor Centre

September 22, 2021

Barossa Visitor Centre

BAROSSA VALLEY, AUSTRALIA: Cheap places to eat near the Barossa Visitor Centre

We tried two restaurants near the Barossa Visitor Center serving delicious food and are reasonably priced. I recommend both restaurants for those doing the hop-on-hop-off Trailhopper wine tours from Adelaide since the Barossa Visitor Centre is one of the places included in those tours. 



We dined here right after the trailhopper wine tour. Although slightly drunk, we were able to reach this place easily because it's right across the road where the Barossa Visitor Center is located. 

Location is right across the Barossa Visitor Center

This is the old sign when it was still Tanunda Chickens
We ate there when it was still Tanunda Chickens in 2018.
So what we got was roast chicken

Google view of the old entrance
Note that it is beside the Fine Aboriginal Art & Souvenirs Store

This is the new sign and entrance.
This photo is taken from their Facebook page.
Note that the store beside it is still the Fine Aboriginal Art & Gifts store.


Photo is taken at their Facebook page
Current as of July 2021


(Current as of July 2021)

(Taken from their Facebook page)

FACEBOOK PAGE: Tanunda Takeaway


This pizza place serves a lot of different varieties of pizza, from the traditional to the gourmet so you have a lot of choices but prices are very reasonable. The pizza and pasta that we bought shown in the photos below are really good. This place is highly recommended.

Location is also very near the Barossa Visitor Centre



TO SEE THE MENU order online HERE

Below are photos of what we ordered:

The Diavolo

Beef, jalapeno peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms and capsicums, cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chilli.

Tomato fettuccine

A creamy sauce with white wine, bacon, chicken, sundried tomato, onion, asparagus and fettuccine with mozzarella or parmesan