October 6, 2021


Ramen Nagi released a new ready-to-eat ramen for takeout. Unlike the frozen version that is ready-to-cook, this ready-to-eat ramen is as delicious as eating their ramen while dining in. The ramen was delivered to us fresh and hot. The broth was delivered in a separate pouch from the meat, vegetables and noodle. You pour the broth into the bowl. Then heat it in the microwave to make it as hot as the ones served in the restaurant. Voila! It's like eating the ramen in the Ramen Nagi restaurant.

Hopefully, when they successfully launch it nationwide, they will provide the further option to customize. We tried requesting they add several levels of spiciness and they obliged. We received the ramen spicier than the usual chef's recommendation.

Note: I got my ramen at the Ayala Malls Feliz branch.


I ordered ramen from the Ramen Nagi website at www.ramennagi.com.ph

My tip: Although they do not customize, I still tried to make a request to increase the level of spiciness by filling up the notes box at checkout and indicating how many levels of spiciness I wish to add. They obliged. The ramen they delivered had more fire sauce.


The ramen arrived in a paper bag.

The ramen condiments: noodles, vegetables, meat were contained in a microwaveable bowl. The hot broth is in a separate pouch so the noodles remain fresh and not soggy unlike if it was delivered with the broth mixed in already. There is a 4 hour time stamp within which to consume the meal to guarantee freshness. Chopsticks, a spoon and napkin is included.


Open the lid of the bowl.
This bowl is the Red King without the broth.

Pour the broth into the bowl. As you can see, the pouch is very well made. The left edge is narrowly shaped for easy pouring when you cut through it.

Red King with the broth poured into it.
If you wish a hotter version, you can just put it in the microwave.
The ramen comes with a microwaveable bowl.

Green King without the broth

Green King with the broth

Butao King without the broth

Black King without the broth

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