Best Cinema Seats in Metro Manila Cinemas

November 17, 2012

Best Cinema Seats in Metro Manila Cinemas

My list of best cinema seats is not exhaustive and will be constantly updated. But in the meantime, I'd like to share with you what I have gathered so far.  

We do not watch movies in cinemas often but when we do I prefer to get advanced tickets and have the choice of best seats that I can reserve in advance. So, I usually choose the cinemas that allow me to buy tickets in advance and choose my seats, all preferably done online. So far, the cinemas that allow me to do the same are SM cinemas ( or Ayala cinemas ( 

After a movie, my kids give me feedback on their viewing experience with my choice of seats so this list resulted from that feedback. Simply said, these are the seats our family likes.



As a rule, I usually choose the 2nd to the last row in Imax theaters, because of the size of the screen. So this choice also applies to other Imax theaters. As you may notice, there are green-shaded photos below. Those are house seats that you cannot book online. From my experience, I found that rows near (meaning above or below) the house seats are seats with the best viewing experience. Of course, always choose the middle.


The first time we watched at this cinema, I chose Row J, thinking it's a good middle row. Since the cinema is small, Row J turned out to be very near the screen. We had a difficult time watching the movie so the next time we watched, we chose a farther row. Row P turned out to be the best choice. As you may notice, it's again the row above the house seats, which the cinema management considers the best seats in the house. Of course, if you can get the house seats, then so much the better.



CINEMA 1: Row M (Seats 12-17)

CINEMA 7: Row L (Seats 14-23)


CINEPLEX 1: Row H (Seat 10-19)

CINEPLEX 3: Row H, J (Seat 13-21)

CINEPLEX 5: Row P (Seats 15-24)

CINEPLEX 6: Row H (Seats 10-16)

PLATINUM CINEMA / CINEMA 10: Row E (Seats 10-15)

For more details on Gateway Platinum Cinema: check out the ff: posts:
Gateway Platinum Cinema (Cineplex 10): How to get the best seats

NOTE: The higlighted row in the photo is not my best seat.
The best cinema seats are in Row E, seats numbers 3-6.
The next best seats are in Row D, 3-6.


CINEMA 3: Row K (Seats 10-17) 

Philippine Azkals Match Schedule at the ASEAN Football Federation Championship Cup Suzuki Cup 2012

November 16, 2012

Philippine Azkals Match Schedule 
at the ASEAN Football Federation Championship Cup
Suzuki Cup 2012

Congratulations to the Azkals for Thursday night's second win against Singapore in it's last tune-up game before their first match at the AFF Suzuki Cup! Thursday night's performance show their winning form before the Championship games, thus bringing more excitement and more reason for Filipinos to watch the Championship games. Even FIFA (or International Federation of Football Associations), the international governing body of world football, has taken note of their outstanding performance in the past few months and features an article on its website detailing their achievements the past few months. Check out yesterday's FIFA article: Ambitious Azkals target regional glory

Watch the games and support the Azkals! These are their match schedule. The games are televised at Philippine local AKTV Channel 13.

Group Matches:
November 24, Saturday, 9 pm Philippine time: Philippines v Thailand
November 27, Tuesday, 6 pm, Philippine time: Philippines v Vietnam
November 30, Friday, 9 pm, Philippine time: Philippines v Myanmar

In case the Azkals make it to the ff. rounds, here are the dates:

Semi-Final Round
December 8/9
December 12/13

Final Round:
December 19
December 22

Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Skycable Pay-Per-View at 500 PESOS

Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Skycable Pay-Per-View 
at 500 PESOS

Pacquiao Marquez Landing Page v2- Nov 7.jpg


1. This is promo is available to new and existing Skycable POSTPAID subscribers.

2. If you are already a postpaid Skycable subscriber, call 381 000 to find out if your area is a serviceable location.

3. Make a letter request  for pay-per-view activation via email by NOVEMBER 18, 2012.

4. Address the email to Indicate the ff in your letter request:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Contact Number: 
Digibox Number:
  • the digibox number can be found in the bar code area at the back of the digibox. 
5. After sending the email, call customer service again at 381 000 to inform them that you sent the letter request. Customer service will ask you to do the following:
a. Give the account name, account number and verify the identity of the person on the line. In my case, the subscription is under my husband's name so I need to inform them that I'm the spouse.
b. Open the TV where the specified digibox is installed.
c. Open Channel 135. At first the screen will show "No right to access scrambled program."
d. When  the customer service agent has activated your pay-per-view, the screen will show advertisements. That's when the customer service agent will confirm pay-per-view activation.
6. Watch the fight as early as 8am at Skycable channel 135 (Season Pass HD).

Take note of the following details:
1. The 500 pesos rate is applicable only if you subscribe to the pay-per-view service by November 18, 2012.
2. The 500 pesos rate is for standard definition feed only. If you have a full hd subscription, you pay 1000 pesos.
3. The 500 pesos rate is applicable per digibox. If you have more than one digibox under your account, you have to indicate the digibox number where you want the pay-per-view show to appear.
4. The 500 pesos fee will be charged to your account in the next billing statement.

The Matinloc Island at El Nido

November 10, 2012

The Matinloc Island at El Nido

Why see the Matinloc Island at El Nido

From the highest point you can climb at Matinloc Island, you see the most breathtaking view of the sea, the islands and the blue sky. Check out the photos below.

What to expect when you arrive at the Matinloc Shrine

Docking at Matinloc Island

Climb these steps at the right side of the entrance of this island to see the breathtaking view I was talking about earlier. As you can see, my children were able to climb these steps to see the view. It's definitely worth the climb.

They made it!

Let the photos speak for themselves!


Be careful walking down

The Matinloc Shrine

Inside Matinloc Shrine

Underneath the shrine is a small "museum" narrating the story of why a shrine was built there.


Guadalupe Yabes, a religious visionary, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin who instructed her to search for a heart-shaped island and build a "Shrine of the New Jerusalem"

The heart-shaped island turned out to be Matinloc Island

The Shrine of the New Jerusalem was eventually built.

The Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

November 2, 2012

The Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

Why see the Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

It's another exotic place in El Nido that's hard to describe on print. The combination of blue skies, the crystal clear waters, the rock formations both underneath the water and above it, and the fact that it's hidden and can be accessed only through a small hole that's sometimes totally submerged when in high tide, makes it a place that pleasures the senses. It's just simply beautiful.

What to expect when you arrive at the Hidden Lagoon

Warning: You need to swim through a hole to access the hidden lagoon.

The kids immediately jumped off the boat to swim through the hole right behind them, which is the entrance to the Hidden Lagoon.

The hole we need to enter to access the Hidden Lagoon.

After swimming through the hole, we encounter this rocky shallow part of the Hidden Lagoon, where we could stand and walk to further enter the Hidden Lagoon.

We walk inside the Hidden Lagoon

More snorkelling

The right side of the Hidden Lagoon

You can see the rocks underneath the crystal clear waters

The left side of the Hidden Lagoon

Getting ready to swim through the hole and leave the Hidden Lagoon.

Leaving the Hidden Lagoon....

....To board the boat waiting outside.

Our boatman showing us the giant jellyfish
he found near our boat.

A close up of the giant jellyfish.