The Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

November 2, 2012

The Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

Why see the Hidden Lagoon at El Nido

It's another exotic place in El Nido that's hard to describe on print. The combination of blue skies, the crystal clear waters, the rock formations both underneath the water and above it, and the fact that it's hidden and can be accessed only through a small hole that's sometimes totally submerged when in high tide, makes it a place that pleasures the senses. It's just simply beautiful.

What to expect when you arrive at the Hidden Lagoon

Warning: You need to swim through a hole to access the hidden lagoon.

The kids immediately jumped off the boat to swim through the hole right behind them, which is the entrance to the Hidden Lagoon.

The hole we need to enter to access the Hidden Lagoon.

After swimming through the hole, we encounter this rocky shallow part of the Hidden Lagoon, where we could stand and walk to further enter the Hidden Lagoon.

We walk inside the Hidden Lagoon

More snorkelling

The right side of the Hidden Lagoon

You can see the rocks underneath the crystal clear waters

The left side of the Hidden Lagoon

Getting ready to swim through the hole and leave the Hidden Lagoon.

Leaving the Hidden Lagoon....

....To board the boat waiting outside.

Our boatman showing us the giant jellyfish
he found near our boat.

A close up of the giant jellyfish.