Philippine Azkals Match Schedule at the ASEAN Football Federation Championship Cup Suzuki Cup 2012

November 16, 2012

Philippine Azkals Match Schedule 
at the ASEAN Football Federation Championship Cup
Suzuki Cup 2012

Congratulations to the Azkals for Thursday night's second win against Singapore in it's last tune-up game before their first match at the AFF Suzuki Cup! Thursday night's performance show their winning form before the Championship games, thus bringing more excitement and more reason for Filipinos to watch the Championship games. Even FIFA (or International Federation of Football Associations), the international governing body of world football, has taken note of their outstanding performance in the past few months and features an article on its website detailing their achievements the past few months. Check out yesterday's FIFA article: Ambitious Azkals target regional glory

Watch the games and support the Azkals! These are their match schedule. The games are televised at Philippine local AKTV Channel 13.

Group Matches:
November 24, Saturday, 9 pm Philippine time: Philippines v Thailand
November 27, Tuesday, 6 pm, Philippine time: Philippines v Vietnam
November 30, Friday, 9 pm, Philippine time: Philippines v Myanmar

In case the Azkals make it to the ff. rounds, here are the dates:

Semi-Final Round
December 8/9
December 12/13

Final Round:
December 19
December 22