Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Skycable Pay-Per-View at 500 PESOS

November 16, 2012

Pacquiao-Marquez 4 Skycable Pay-Per-View 
at 500 PESOS

Pacquiao Marquez Landing Page v2- Nov 7.jpg


1. This is promo is available to new and existing Skycable POSTPAID subscribers.

2. If you are already a postpaid Skycable subscriber, call 381 000 to find out if your area is a serviceable location.

3. Make a letter request  for pay-per-view activation via email by NOVEMBER 18, 2012.

4. Address the email to Indicate the ff in your letter request:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Contact Number: 
Digibox Number:
  • the digibox number can be found in the bar code area at the back of the digibox. 
5. After sending the email, call customer service again at 381 000 to inform them that you sent the letter request. Customer service will ask you to do the following:
a. Give the account name, account number and verify the identity of the person on the line. In my case, the subscription is under my husband's name so I need to inform them that I'm the spouse.
b. Open the TV where the specified digibox is installed.
c. Open Channel 135. At first the screen will show "No right to access scrambled program."
d. When  the customer service agent has activated your pay-per-view, the screen will show advertisements. That's when the customer service agent will confirm pay-per-view activation.
6. Watch the fight as early as 8am at Skycable channel 135 (Season Pass HD).

Take note of the following details:
1. The 500 pesos rate is applicable only if you subscribe to the pay-per-view service by November 18, 2012.
2. The 500 pesos rate is for standard definition feed only. If you have a full hd subscription, you pay 1000 pesos.
3. The 500 pesos rate is applicable per digibox. If you have more than one digibox under your account, you have to indicate the digibox number where you want the pay-per-view show to appear.
4. The 500 pesos fee will be charged to your account in the next billing statement.