How to go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

August 3, 2010

How to go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Planning for airport transportation for a big group, or in our case, a family of 6 is more challenging than usual. We have a car but we don't have a driver. The car too must be big enough to accommodate both the passengers and the luggage. In other countries, there are reasonably priced airport shuttles for people who are in the same situation as us. But in the Philippines, I have found these options for people who are in the same situation as us:

1. Drive your own car
  • If your car or van is big enough to accommodate a big group like us, you can opt to use your own car to go to the airport. This is possible even if you don not have a driver. 
  • What we did during our Boracay trip, was use the services of Park N' Fly. My husband drove our car, dropped us off at the airport, then proceeded to the Park N' Fly building to park our car. Park N' Fly is located near the Manila Domestic Airport.
  • After parking the car, Park N' Fly provided my husband with a free shuttle van to bring him to the airport. When we returned from our trip, my husband called the Park N' Fly contact number and requested the shuttle to pick us up and bring us to the Park N' Fly parking building to get our car.
  • Park n' Fly parking rates is on a per 24 hour basis. The parking rates will not be too expensive if your trip is just a short one. They have discounts for parking duration of 7-14 days.
  • See more information on Park N' Fly
2. Ride a taxi 
  • As we Filipinos know, getting a taxi in Manila is not that easy. Even if you're willing to pay the more expensive taxi fare, it doesn't automatically mean you will be able to get one.
  • Finding a taxi for a big group will be more challenging than usual because you will need more than one taxi to be able to accommodate more than 4 people together with their luggage stowed in the taxi's luggage compartment.
Taxi options going TO the airport:
To be certain that a taxi will be available when you go to the airport, you can pre-book a taxi at these contact numbers. I'm mentioning only those I have used before and proven to be reliable.
Tai Taxi: 8011093
Basic Taxi: 9001447 
Taxi options FROM the airport:
From the airport, you do not need to call the taxi I mentioned above and pre-book your airport pick-up. There are 2 kinds of taxis available for hire at the airport curb: 
  1.  the airport coupon taxi, which has a fixed rate, and 
  2.  a metered taxi, which uses the meter to determine the amount you pay. 
  • We usually use the metered taxi because it's cheaper. It's even convenient for a big group to use a taxi coming from the airport, because the taxi are all lined up curb of the airport arrival area and waiting for passengers to ride them. 
  • New! My update as of April 21, 2011: see the ff. post 
How to get a coupon taxi
How to get a metered taxi 
2. Take the public transportation
I don't  recommend taking the bus, the MRT or the jeepney because it's  hard to predict when you will arrive at the airport using these means of transportation. Since arriving at the airport on time is essential, I would suggest you use the other options shown above. 


shedives said...

Hi, thanks for your very informative blog. How would I go from the international terminal (Cathay Pacific fr Hongkong) to the domestic terminal (to catch a Zest Air flight)? Is there a free airport shuttle or would I take a metered taxi? How much would a metered taxi cost? Thanks again.