Arrival at Basco, Batanes Airport

August 17, 2010

Arrival at Basco, Batanes Airport

Basco Airport terminal
Basco Airport is not your usual Philippine domestic airport. It is housed in a small terminal building that has the same beautiful design as the building of Fundacion Pacita. Upon arrival, you immediately get the impression that Batanes is a different place from the rest of the country. The airport terminal itself is different. It is quaint, neat and quiet, much like what you will find when you go into Basco town and its surrounding areas. 

After the door of the plane opened, we were instructed to stay seated while the airport staff brought out the luggage. The first thing I noticed when the door opened was the peace and quiet. There wasn't a lot of activity going around since we were the only plane that landed. Unlike other airports, landing at Basco Airport is a totally different experience from landing at other bigger airports.

Since we were only few who arrived that day, the airport staff were very informal . The plane was almost full. We were only around 28 passengers who arrived on the second and last flight of the day.

At the arrival area, there is no luggage carousel where you retrieve your luggage.  The luggage is just hauled into the common area inside the terminal arrival area, where the registration desk is located.

The airport is only open only in the mornings. Sea air flights depart and arrive only in the mornings.

Since we were staying at Fundacion Pacita, we were picked up by their van together with other passengers of Seair who are also staying at Fundacion Pacita. 

Facilities of Basco Airport:
1. clean and new toilets
2. small airconditioned departure lounge area.
3. souvenir stall inside the terminal
4. souvenir stall outside the terminal and near the gate 
5. registration desk

Below are some photos to give you an idea of what you will encounter upon arrival at Basco Airport:

In front of the door to the arrival area
Registration desk

Location Map of Basco Airport