What kids will love about snorkeling at Balicasag Island

August 23, 2010

 What Kids Will Love
Snorkeling at Balicasag Island

To kids and kids at heart, to those who already know how to snorkel and those who will snorkel for the first time, I would say that Balicasag Island is worth the trouble of learning to snorkel for the very first time. After seeing the snorkeling site and the coral sanctuary, I understood why people from all over the world say that it's the best snorkeling site in the Philippines and one of the best in the world. The diversity of marine life in a small area and in shallow and quiet waters make it unique. This is a must do and must see site for kids.

1. Balicasag Island is only 30 minutes away by boat from Alona Beach, Panglao Island. 
Remember how impatient kids get to arrive at a destination? "Are we there yet?" is a common line parents hear when traveling with kids. Since Balicasag Island is just 30 minutes away from the popular Alona Beach, where most families would probably stay, it's near enough for kids to enjoy.
2. The waters at the snorkeling site of Balicasag island is shallow. 
During low tide, you can walk on the corals while snorkeling. At high tide, you can use your life jacket to float on water. There's no danger of unwittingly getting out of shallow water because the locals cordoned off the snorkeling site to guide tourists where to remain while snorkeling. For amateur swimmers, you can safely let go of the life jacket and enjoy fully the marine life underneath.
3. The waters at the snorkeling site of Balicasag island is calm and quiet.
Unlike the waters of Honda bay in Palawan, which has strong undercurrents, the waters at Balicasag is calm and quiet. A child who snorkels for the first time will not find the experience intimidating. When undercurrents are strong, you struggle to keep afloat and at the same place. Snorkeling will be challenging under these circumstances. When waters are calm, you can simply enjoy watching the marine life.
4. What is truly fantastic when snorkeling at Balicasag is the diversity of marine life in just a small area of water.
You're able to experience what divers see in much deeper water, except that in this case, you are just snorkeling at shallow waters a few meters from the shore. Kids can already witness the beauty of the marine life without having to be professional drivers.
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My Tip
Do not go to Balicasag island if no one in your group will snorkel or dive when you visit the island. Your time will be wasted. The beauty of Balicasag island can only be found underwater and not on the island. The beach front has white but coarse sand interspersed with dead corals so it's fairly uncomfortable to swim on the beach without wearing aqua shoes. Even if you tour the island, there won't be a lot to see that would make the trip worth the time and expense.


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