Batanes Resort: Summary, Review and My Traveler's Photos

August 22, 2010

Batanes Resort: Summary, Review and My Traveler's Photos

I recommend Batanes Resort because it is budget-friendly and affordable without having to sacrifice comfort and convenience. It has a restaurant with affordable meals. It is also possible to walk into town from Batanes Resort, although the walk will be long. 

My tip:
I have two reasons why you should book early:
1. They only have 6 hillside cottages with 2 rooms each. It will be easy for the resort to become fully booked.
2. If you book early, you can request the Itbayat and Sabtang rooms. They are the rooms with the best views of the South China Sea. The other rooms have limited views or no views at all.

Summary of Rates, Inclusions and Amenities:
  • Rates: 1800 pesos per room per day, a maximum of 3 persons
  • Rooms: air-conditioned, with 2 beds, hot and cold shower, private toilet and bath, free toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tissue), cable tv, writing desk 
  • free airport transfers
  • with restaurant offering a variety of meals at rates ranging from 100-230 pesos per person
Traveler's Photos
I prefer travelers' photos when researching on accommodations because they are usually more accurate. They show accomodations "as-is", since the travelers who take them usually don't have any financial interest in promoting the hotel/resort.

Rates as of March 2010

Architecture is made of stone typical of Ivatan houses

  The Room

As taken from the door of the room

Location Map

View Larger Map

Batanes Resort location in relation to Basco town location
(Batanes Resort is in the lower left of the map. Just pass the cursor on the marks to see the names)



Anonymous said...

Thanks! Help a lot...

Meanne said...

You're welcome! Glad to be of help

Anonymous said...

Do they have a mobile number I can contact? Appreciate it!

Meanne said...

Hi. Their cell no. is found on the lower portion of the photo posted above showing the resort rates.

Anonymous said...

Got it! Can't believe missed it! Thanks so much!