Fundacion Pacita v. Batanes Resort

August 21, 2010

Fundacion Pacita v. Batanes Resort

If you have the funds for it, I definitely recommend Fundacion Pacita. It's a bit expensive (much like booking a room at a 5-star hotel in Manila) but definitely worth it. However, if you're on a tight budget, your best bet is to stay at Batanes Resort.

1. Cost of Accommodations
Fundacion Pacita: from 7950 pesos pesos per room per night for a terrace suite, and from 8124 pesos per room per night for a family suite, and from 11268 per room per night for a luxury terrace suite
  • maximum of two persons in a room for a terrace suite, maximum of 5 persons in a room for a luxury terrace suite.
  • minimum booking of 2 nights.
Batanes Resort: 1800 pesos per room per night
  • maximum of three (3) persons in a room
2. Room Amenities
Fundacion Pacita: air-conditioned rooms, hot and cold shower, private toilet and bath, free toilettries, no tv, view deck, mini ref, hairdryer
Batanes Resort:  air-conditioned rooms, hot and cold shower, private toilet and bath, free toiletries, cable tv in every room

3. Inclusions in Accommodations
Fundacion Pacita: set breakfast, half-day cultural heritage tour, free water, full time generator during brownouts
Batanes Resort:
4. Airport Transfers
Fundacion Pacita: free airport transfers
Batanes Resort: free airport transfers

5. Cost of Meals
Fundacion Pacita: 550-750 pesos per person
Batanes Resort: 100-230 pesos per meal at the resort

6. Transportation Options
Fundacion Pacita: tricycle rate from Fundacion Pacita to town: 90 pesos
Batanes Resort: tricycle rate from Batanes resort to town: 50 pesos

I recommend Fundacion Pacita because of the view, the stylish accommodations and the beautiful surroundings. However, the disadvantage of staying at Fundacion Pacita is you do not have a lot of meal options if you opt not to go out because the chef offers very limited choices. Also, the distance from town will not make it possible for you to walk down the hill where Fundacion is located. You will have to hire a tricycle or a van to go to town, or rent a motorcycle from one of the staff of Fundacion.

I recommend Batanes Resort because it is budget-friendly and affordable without having to sacrifice comfort and convenience. It has a restaurant with affordable meals. It is also possible to walk into town from Batanes Resort, although the walk will be long.

Location Map
Fundacion Pacita in relation to Batanes Resort and Basco Airport/Basco Town

Fundacion Pacita is indicated by a triangle mark below, and Batanes Resort is marked on the left. Just pass the cursor on the marks to see the names.