Bohol: Summary of Cost and Travel Budget

August 6, 2010

Bohol: Travel Budget  & Summary of Cost


  • Manila Domestic airport fee: 200 pesos per person
  • Tagbilaran Airport Fee: 20 pesos per person

  • Roundtrip Tagbilaran airport-Alona Beach resort airport transfers: 1000 pesos per van
  • countryside tour: 2500 pesos per van good for 6-12 persons (cheaper rate for small groups in a car)
  • loboc river cruise lunch:  400 pesos per person
  • entrance fees at tour sites: 120 pesos per person
  • sea tour of balicasag island (without dolphin watching) and virgin island: 1300 pesos per boat
  • sea tour of balicasag island (with dolphin watching) and virgin island: 1500 pesos per boat
  • balicasag island snorkeling guide: 150 pesos per person
  • aqua shoes rental: 600 pesos per person
  • snorkel and mask rental: 75 pesos 
  • meals along Alona Beach: around 150-200 pesos per person
  • meals at Amorita Resort: around 400 pesos per person
For an interactive excel file, see bohol tour cost


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am intending to visit bohol during july. is it a recommended time to go? Also, did u plan your country side tour and snorkelling trip with the resort you are living with? or diy ?thanks in advance!

Meanne said...

Weather is unpredictable these days in the Philippines. It's hot like summer just 2 days ago and today it's raining very hard. There's greater probability of rain in July. If it rains while you're there, what you will miss seeing will be the chocolate hills. The chocolate hills area will be foggy and with poor visibility.

We booked both our countryside tour and snorkeling trip on our own and not through the resort. We noticed in Bohol, if you book through the resort, it will be more expensive because they charge on a per head basis, instead of per day basis with the van or the banca. Check out my post on Bohol tours.

Anonymous said...

thanks for a detailed informations...

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