Facilities of the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 4) of the Manila International Airport

July 30, 2010

Facilities of the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 4)
of the Manila International Airport

The Manila International Airport (officially known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA) has 4 terminals:

1. NAIA Terminal 1: the main international airport where foreign carriers land, except Nippon Air.
2. NAIA Terminal 2, or the Centennial Terminal: exclusively used by Philippine Airlines (both domestic and international flights)
3. NAIA Terminal 3: the newest terminal used by Cebu Pacific (both domestic and international flights), Air Philippines and Nippon Air
4. NAIA Terminal 4, or Domestic Terminal: the oldest terminal and the original international airport. It was built in 1948 and currently used by Zest Air and Southeast Asian Airlines (Seair). This is called by the locals as a the Domestic Airport.

Check out the website of the Manila International Airport Authority for detailed information.

See my post Manila International Airport: Location of Terminals for information on where the terminals are located in the city and their distances from each other.

These four (4) terminals share the same runway so when one airplane experiences a problem at the runway, all the other flights are affected. 

We used the Domestic Terminal in our flights to Bohol and Palawan. In a span of one year between those flights, the facilities have been upgraded.  

Here's a summary of the facilities of the Domestic Terminal as of April 2010:

1. Toilets

  • Additional toilets have been constructed. Instead of just 1 toilet for male and 1 toilet for female, a new set of toilets was constructed. So there are now 2 toilets for male and 2 toilets for female
  • There are now hand sanitizers in all the toilets.
  • Bathroom sprayers are also installed in the new toilets located on the left of the photo.
  • Toilets are religiously cleaned after every use.
2. Stores

Public payphone, Red Ribbon bakeshop and a drinks store
The drinks store and the cellphone loading store
The magazine/book store, Goldilocks bakeshop, Cinnabon, Vibes massage
    My tip: Bring your own food and drinks. The price of the food and drinks are around 70% more expensive than usual. Surprisingly, they allow water to be brought in beyond the secure area.

    3. Massage area
    •  shown on the right side of the photo above
    4. Laptop area
    • although there is no free wifi at the airport, there is a laptop station with a desk where you can place your laptop and charge it.
    5. Chapel

    6. Cellphone charging station and public pay phones

    7. Waiting area

    Airport Lounge
    Airport Lounge facing the gate

    • As I mentioned before, since there are only two airlines using this terminal, the waiting area does not become crowded. There are sufficient seats for everyone.