Manmade Forest of Bohol

October 2, 2010

 Manmade Forest of Bohol

As I've mentioned earlier in my previous post on the Chocolate Hills, we started with a 1 1/2 hour trip to the Chocolate Hills and made it our first stop. The reason is to take advantage of the good weather to view the Chocolate Hills because the past few days it rained in the afternoons. 

So we're doing this tour backwards because most tours had the Chocolate Hills as their last stop. Our next stop from the Chocolate Hills is the Manmade Forest.

My tip: If you don't have enough time, or you have small kids or elderly people with you, you don't need to stop at the Manmade Forest. You can just pass through it. It's more important to pace your companions and save their energies for the rest of the day rather than tire them out.

What Kids Should Know
  • Where it is located: at the boundary of Bilar and Loboc towns
  • What trees are planted: mahogany trees
  • Why called man-made: because all the mahogany trees were planted by the Boholanos one by one during the reforestation programs in the 1960s.
  • What's unique about this forest: It's the ONLY man-made forest in the Philippines. 
  • What's so impressive about this forest: The Boholanos nurtured and watched over this forest to make sure the trees grow healthy and no one cuts any tree. It's easy to watch over one or 2 trees but it shows dedication to the preservation of the environment to watch over a whole forest. This is an indication of how committed the Boholanos are in preserving nature in Bohol.
10:30 AM -10:50AM: Traveled from Chocolate Hills to the Manmade Forest
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10:50 AM -11:00AM: Manmade Forest

Tatsky watching for cars so he can cue us 
when to run to  the middle of the road for the usual photo

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