Blood Compact Shrine

December 17, 2010

The Blood Compact Shrine

What Kids Should Know:
For several years, this site was believed to be the place where the Blood Compact between Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna was held. This place overlooked the Bohol Sea. A shrine was built to mark this place. For years, this shrine was the center of festivities of the annual Sandugo Festival which commemorated the famous Blood Compact.  In 2005, new documents revealed that the actual site is 17 km away from this place. The transfer of the shrine to the actual blood compact site is still under discussion. See my post on the Actual Blood Compact site.

Who made the sculpture:
National Artist for Sculpture, Napoleon Abueva, a Boholano

Where is it located:
Barangay Bool, Tagbilaran City

The Bohol Sea in the background
The site is by the roadside along the National Road