Isis Bungalows Resort, Bohol: Traveler's Photos

March 10, 2011

Isis Bungalows Resort, Bohol: Traveler's Photos
Standard rooms located on the ground floor.
Further to the right  of this structure is a view of the sea.
Going further to the left side of this structure is the reception.

The reception located at the ground floor.
You can request luggage to be stored here in case you're leaving the place several hours after checkout time

This is our deluxe room located beside the reception.
The reception is at the right side of the photo.
One advantage of getting the room beside the reception is that you have strong wifi. The wifi router is apparently located in the reception.

The view a few steps from our room

The beachfront

The small beachfront in front of Isis Bungalows.
The structure behind is the Isis Thai Restaurant.

Isis Thai restaurant.
The room above the Isis Thai Restaurant is Bungalow 8.

It's the best room for a big family.

Next time we go to Bohol, we will reserve Bungalow 8 far in advance.

As you can can see, Bungalow 8 also has the view of the sea from it's window.

The view from Isis Thai Restaurant.
This view can also be seen from the window of Bungalow 8

This path, to the left of the Isis Bungalows Resort, leads to the center of Alona Beach.
It took us around 5 minutes to leisurely walk to the center 

From the path shown above, compare the location of Isis Bungalows with the other accomodation from the map below:

Isis Bungalows Resort  is at no. 49. Check out for more details. 
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