Complimentary Breakfast at Tarntawan Place, Bangkok

September 7, 2011

Complimentary Breakfast at Tarntawan Place, Bangkok

I discovered lately that a wonderful feature to look for in a hotel when you're traveling with kids or with a big group is whether the hotel offers free breakfast. I remember the time when we went to Hong Kong with the kids for the very first time, with some extended family, which included my mom and my sister-in-law. I had to stock each hotel room with breakfast items because no one wanted to leave the hotel so early in the morning just to eat. It's very expensive to call for room service so the first thing my husband and I did when we arrived was to go to the nearest grocery to buy water and breakfast items.

When one of the hotels we went to included free breakfast, we realized what a wonderful convenience it is to be able to eat breakfast in the hotel without breaking our budget. A lot of budget hotels already offer free breakfast, which does not necessarily  mean just continental breakfast. So I suggest you look for one with this wonderful feature. In Tarntawan Place, Bangkok, we found their free breakfast one of the reasons to keep on staying at this hotel.

Great features about the free breakfast at Tarntawan Place:

1. It is served 24 hours.

One of the things I love about this hotel, aside from its location and reasonable room rates, is its 24 hour breakfast. At this hotel, the room rates include free breakfast that you can avail of any time of the day or night. If you arrive on a red eye flight from Manila, the earliest you will arrive at the hotel is around 1am. If you're hungry upon arrival at the hotel at 1 am, you can request and be served next day's free breakfast. Very convenient. This arrangement makes you feel very much at home in this hotel. 

2. The free breakfast menu has a wide selection to choose from.

Other hotels only offer free continental breakfast. But at Tarntawan place, you choose  from a wide variety which includes a Thai breakfast, a Japanese breakfast, an American breakfast, a Continental breakfast and a Natural breakfast. Details of what is included is shown in the menu below:

Photos of the breakfast we tried are shown  below:

American Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

Thai Breakfast

My favorite of all is Thai breakfast. I usually put some of the spicy fish sauce shown above on the chicken pieces underneath all the rice. Yummy! I miss it already!