Carmel Cars and Limo: Best Budget New York Airport Transportation for 6

July 19, 2012

Carmel Cars and Limo: 
Best Budget New York Airport Transportation for 6

When we visited New York in May 2012, I discovered that the cheapest airport transportation  for a family of 6 is Carmel Limo. We used Carmel Limo from Yonkers, NY (New York Westchester area) to JFK. 

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Why use Carmel Cars:

1. It's the cheapest airport transportation for a family of 6
I normally use Supershuttle for my Los Angeles airport transportation, but in New York, Supershuttle is more expensive than Carmel Limo. 
For a family of 6, the total cost from Yonkers, New York to JFK (one-way) is $102 + tip for a total of $120, broken down as follows:
Mini Van good for 6 people is 89 usd, plus
Roundtrip toll to JFK ($6.50 per way) is 13 usd, plus
Tip (20%) is $18.
Take Note: For 6 people, you have a choice of a MINI VAN or an SUV. What's the difference between a minivan and an SUV? Why is the mini van fare $89 while an SUV fare is $168?
The answer is LUGGAGE!!! 
A mini van's trunk can only accommodate six (6) people and four (4) checked  luggage. In our case, we had six (6) carry on luggage and one (1) checked luggage. Two (2) carry-on luggage is more or less equivalent to one (1) checked luggage. So the dimensions of all the luggage we had were equivalent to four (4) checked luggage. 
Do not make the mistake of indicating less luggage than you actually have so you can order the cheaper mini van instead of an SUV. It will be more expensive and will cause delays to call for another ride in case your luggage s do not fit. 
This photo is from Carmel Car website.
Our minivan was color white.
This is just to give you an idea about luggage space at the bac

2. Carmel Cars has a wider area of coverage than other car service
Here is a list of covered areas: 
Other airports: Teterboro, Long Island/Mac Arthur, Westchester County 
New York City 
New York (Manhattan)
New York (Hotels)
Staten Island 
Out of Town
New York State 
New York Westchester 
Long Island
New Jersey State
3. Carmel cars is easy and reliable to book online. 
The confirmation number you get is easy to remember since it's the phone number you provided. And the cars arrive on time so it's reliable to book online. 
4. Carmel cars do not require prepayment of the fare when reserving and booking their cars online.
My review: 
The car we ordered came on time. In fact, several hours before our pick up time, the driver called us to find out the exact time of our flight to make sure that the pick up time we indicated in the online form is enough time to travel from Yonkers to the airport. He encountered horrible traffic in the morning because it was Memorial Day weekend so he was concerned that we may not have known that detail when we indicated the pick-up time. So more than arriving on time to pick us up, he made sure we arrived at the airport on time.

The drive lasted an hour and the driver was very friendly and conversed with my husband the whole trip.

In conclusion: I will definitely use Carmel Car again when we visit New York and will recommend it to friends and relatives for its value and good service.  

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