SM Megamall Passport Renewal and Processing

September 24, 2012

SM Megamall Passport Renewal and Processing:
Making an Online Appointment

It's welcome news that passport processing for new applications, renewal of passports and application for lost passports can be done at SM Megamall. Having this service available at a mall makes it more convenient to the public. A mall is always located at an accessible place. Public transportation is always available. Parking areas are already provided. And to top it all, the mall is usually open all days of the week, even holidays. This particular service is available Mon-Sat, including holidays. Those who do not wish to be absent from work just to get a passport can avail of this service on a Saturday or during a holiday.

How to make an online appointment

1. Go to

2. On the left side of the screen, click "Set an appointment. The screen below shows you what will appear when you do this.

3. Fill up the blank with the captcha phrase then click "Start Individual Appointment Process". If you're applying as a family, there's another item below that you can click to start the family appointment process.

After clicking "Start Individual Appointment Process", you will see the screen below. Fill up all the items below then submit.

My tip: Make sure  the email you put is correct otherwise you will not be able to confirm your appointment.  You need the link in the email confirmation to verify the date of your appointment and to be able toprint your application form. If you wait a long while and do not receive an email confirmation, most probably you made an error putting your email address. Just make a new appointment and the previous appointment you made will be automatically dropped.

4.  After submitting your personal information, you will see the screen below. Pick your date to see what slots are available. 

The days available for passport appointments are as follows:
Monday to Saturday: 
every 30 minutes, from 10:00 am - 11:30 am, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
My tip:  If you wish to get your desired date and time, book one month before. The earliest you can book an appointment is a month before your desired date.

5. After you pick your date and click the slot you want, the screen below will appear to indicate that the process has been completed. Then check your email.

My tip (updated as of  November 2012): If the screen above (at paragraph no. 5) does not appear, and you get an onscreen message to go to, this means you are booking an appointment for more than 5 persons using one email address. The appointment software limits the no. of bookings per email address to 5 persons. You need to use another email address for the additional persons you plan to book.
For instance: a. For family applications: You can do a family application for 5 people maximum using one email address. The remedy is to use another email address to book the other family members.
b. For individual applications: Even if you book people separately or at different dates, as long as the appointment has been confirmed and has not been cancelled or used, you  are limited to only 5 people using that same email address. The remedy is to use another email address.

6. You need to check your email within 24 hours so you can confirm your appointment by clicking the confirmation link within the email. Otherwise, your appointment will not be confirmed. The sample email is shown below:

Dear  000000000000,
Your appointment has been set.
Your appointment is on Sat, Oct 27, 2012 from 10:00 am to 10:30 am.Please make sure you arrive at the DFA at 10:00 am.
You will be expected to arrive for your appointment at exactly 30 minutes before your schedule.Even if you arrive early, you will not be entertained until 30 minutes before your appointment.If you arrive late, you will need to secure another appointment for another day.
Please be advised that appointments from 5:00PM onwards will be considered rush processing.
=====================================================- IMPORTANT INFORMATION - =====================================================
Your Reference Number: 000000000000
1. Click the link below to confirm your appointment and print your application form. 2. Use Long Bond Paper when printing.3. Be sure to bring your application form with you on your appointment date.4. Please do not sign the application form. You need to sign it with the presence of a DFA officer in the processing window.
-----------------------------------------------------Confirmation Link: If you do not confirm within 24 hours by clicking -- the confirmation link, your appointment will be  -- canceled.                                        -=====================================================
You will need to have a PDF reader installed in your computer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader.

Please note that we've replaced your previous appointments with this one.You are not allowed to place multiple appointments in our system.

7. After clicking the confirmation link, the screen below is what you will see.

This is your application form. You have to print it and bring it with you to the DFA.
You see the date and time of your appointment
under the heading "E-Passport Application.

My tip: If you make an error in the application form, just cancel your appointment and make a new one. At the homepage, on the left side of the screen, you can click "Cancel appointment".

8. Proceed to DFA Megamall on the date and time of your appointment. 

Arrive 30 minutes before. You will not be entertained until 30 minutes before your appointment. If you're late, you will need to get a new appointment.

Location of DFA Megamall Consular Office: 7th Floor Megamall Building C, EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

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NOTE: The DFA Appointment System is also available BY PHONE via the hotline (02) 737-1000. You can call anytime from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday.


amai said...

Is there a required paper size for the printout of the application form ? Thanks.

Meanne said...

Yes. You need to print it on a long bond paper, 8.5x13 inches

Anonymous said...

Hello, After getting an online appointment, do you still have to get a queue number when you arrive at DFA on the appointed date ?

Meanne said...

Hi. You still have to get a queue number. The online appointment only ensures that the guard at the door allows you inside the processing room. This is because they no longer allow walk-in applicants unless you're a senior citizen, a pregnant woman or an OFW.

After being allowed inside, you fall in line before the person who will evaluate whether your documents are complete. Then you are advised to get a queue number.