Impressions Sunday Brunch Buffet: My Dining Guide

March 12, 2013

Impressions Sunday Brunch Buffet: My Dining Guide

These are my simple tips on the best way to enjoy this buffet. A lot has been said already about the gourmet food they serve. The price of Php 2100 net per head is definitely worth it. Every meal they serve is sourced from the freshest ingredients, cooked well and plated  beautifully. For those of you who frequent fine dining restaurants which serve degustation menus and priced the same, this will be value for money. For the same price, you get unlimited food with superior quality and the quality of service of a fine dining restaurant. You can expect the same quality of food as in the degustation menus of fine dining restaurants.

As in any buffet, you can only eat so much. Below are some of my tips on how to make the most out of your experience dining at this restaurant.

1. Make sure to make advance reservations.

The restaurant can seat only 70 people so I encourage you to make advanced reservations. Since I do not want to be disappointed at not being able to get a seat after going all the way to Resorts World, I made sure to make advanced reservations. Two days before the date of your reservation, an Impressions staff calls to confirm the reservation.

While we were dining, a lot of customers wanted to walk-in and dine at the restaurant but they were turned away because the restaurant is full. If you plan to walk-in and wait for a table to free up, prepare for a long wait. A lot of customers already in their tables prefer to leisurely enjoy their meal, especially since the price per head is very expensive. Considering the price, expect the turnover of customers to be almost nil. In our case, we arrived early at 11:30 AM for our 12:00 PM reservation. We ended our meal at 1:30 PM. The buffet runs from 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM. I don't think you can leisurely enjoy your meal and pace yourself if you arrive midway and after the first batch of customers have left already. There won't be enough time to taste all the must-taste food in the menu and make the most of your dining experience.

2. Limit your intake of liquids.

The buffet includes freshly made fruit juices and coffee. I personally don't do well in buffets because I can't take in a lot of food. But a technique I discovered is to drink your liquids after you've tasted everything you want to taste and ended your meal. If there's  soup, just have a small cup, only enough to be able to taste and enjoy it. If you need to drink water, limit it to one (1) glass all throughout the meal, making small sips just to wash away some of the taste of the previous meal. At the end of the meal, order your fresh fruit juice and coffee. I personally like the carrot juice because it cleanses the palate and removes all the taste of the food you've eaten. It refreshes you.

3. My recommendations of must-taste meals, their location, and how it's presented

Panoramic view of Impressions restaurant 
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 3 stationsCold StationHot StationDessert Station
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The restaurant is divided into 3 stations: Cold Station, Hot Station, Dessert Station. Not all the items are already available and spread out in each station. Some of it are only cooked when ordered, unlike the usual buffet presentation where everything is laid out and ready to be taken by the customer. 

Take note: The list below is not everything they offered. There are so many more choices. These are the food I was able to taste. I loved all that I tasted.

Cold station:
Feta cheese (which you should dip in honey)
Baba ganoush and Hummus (order freshly made pita bread to go with it)
Melt-in-your mouth French oysters (order freshly baked and topped with cheese)
Large melt-in-your mouth imported scallops (order it freshly baked and topped with cheese)
Tuna and salmon sashimi (guaranteed fresh)
Foie gras (cooked only when you order)

Hot Station:
Onion soup 
Baked potato soup
Prime rib cooked according to your preference (medium rare, if you want), and served with vegetable sidings

Dessert station:
Salted chocolate cake
Coffee jelly
Carrot cake

Pistachio souffle (made when ordered)
Cinnamon churros (made when ordered)
Chocolate churros (made when ordered)

Pistachio gelato

  • I can't remember the names of all the desserts I've tasted in the dessert station. What I remembered is that each one is of superior quality. Make sure to leave space for the dessert.

Drinks: carrot juice, coffee


This buffet is more suited to couples who are on a date or adults who enjoy and appreciate great food and fine dining. This buffet is not kid-friendly, especially since the selection of food appeals to more adult taste. The manner of service and the fact that the best food in the buffet needs to be ordered (like the foie gras and the prime rib) and the manner of cooking be specified (like in the oysters and scallops) shows this is more suited to adults and less attractive and a bit intimidating to kids.

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Location: 3rd floor, Maxim's Tower, Resorts World Manila (across Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 3.

Tel. No. +632-9088883

Price: Php 2,100 net per person