BORACAY: My Guide to Parasailing with Kids

May 4, 2013

BORACAY: My Guide to Parasailing with Kids

Parasailing looks dangerous so a lot of parents are hesitant about letting their kids do this activity. Some adults are not inclined to do it because it looks scary as the parasail goes very high up over the water at dizzying heights. This guide aims to show step-by-step how parasailing is conducted at Boracay white beach. 

What is Parasailing?
Parasailing is a water activity that involves a speedboat towing a parasail (it looks like a parachute) like a kite up into the air while one or two people are harnessed to the parasail in a seating position. This is not to be confused with paragliding.

1. Register and pay at the parasailing booth. You sign a waiver of liability at the booth.

These are the water sports booth located at Station 1 across Astoria Boracay.

This is the booth of Napoleon Seasports, where we booked our parasailing activity.

Registering and paying at the booth

2. You wait until the speedboat arrives to bring you to the parasail platform.

Waiting at a tent across Astoria Boracay

3. You ride the speedboat for around 5 minutes to go to the parasail platform.

From the White beach, we ride the small speedboat that will to take us
to the parasail platform.

Enjoying the fast and bumpy 5-minute ride to the parasail platform

This is the platform where the small speedboat takes you.

4. From the platform, you ride another speedboat, which is the speedboat that will tow your parasail.

From the platform, we ride the bigger speedboat that will tow the parasail.

5. While the speedboat goes to the middle of the sea, you put on a life vest that you will wear while parasailling.

6. When the speedboat arrives in the middle of the sea, they unfurl the parasail. Then, you climb to the edge of the speedboat to put on the harness attached to the parasail.

7. Then UP, UP and AWAY!!!

You sit down as you prepare to be taken slowly up in the air.

You are taken slowly and gradually up in the air.

The ride took around 10 minutes.

My kids say the view is fantastic up there.

Where to book:

Look for Christine at (+63919)395-9054


800 pesos per person

What my kids said about their experience up in the air:

1. It's so peaceful and quiet up there. You cannot even hear the motor of the speedboat running.

2. They saw the corals clearly from up there.

3. They saw a sting ray swimming underneath the waters.

4. They should have brought a camera with them up there.

1. The best time to do any water sports activity is in the morning, around 10:00 AM. We did the banana boat ride in the morning and the weather is cooler compared to when we did parasailing. 

2. If possible, bring 2 cameras. If you don't have a companion who can take your photo from the boat, leave one camera with the boatman so they can take a picture of you from the boat. Bring a camera with you up there while parasailing. According to my kids, the view from up there is a great photo opprtunity.

3. In our case, we asked if we can accompany the kids even if we're not parasailing. They allowed us to join them in the speedboat that will go parasailing.

4. You can choose to do parasailing alone or with another person. The rate is the same. But if you're with your sibling, relative, friend, or spouse, it's a better experience to share the ride and the view with someone close to you.



Anonymous said...

Agree with having a can get awfully quiet and lonely up there. And yes, it is a good photo op.

BoracayStories said...

Php 800 per person for a parasailing in Boracay is a bargain! Kids are lucky to have this experience early in their lives!

Anonymous said...

Post more entries please..

Boracay Hotels and Resorts said...

Parasailing is cool, as well as helmet diving, two of the exciting water activities in Boracay!

Kit Cruz | cheap hotels in boracay said...

it's really a different experience up there, everything seems so peaceful and calm... this boracay activity is really a must do! :)