Food Tripping at UP DILIMAN: The Dynamite at Vinzon's Hall

July 17, 2013

Food Tripping at UP DILIMAN: The Dynamite at Vinzon's Hall

What is the Dynamite?

The dynamite is green chili stuffed with cheese and few pieces of ground meat, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried. The green chili used is the chili used in sinigang and dinuguan, which Filipinos call siling mahaba (long sili) to differentiate it from siling labuyo (hot chili).

This is how they fry it.

The finished product with dipping sauce. 

What's inside: The green chili, the cheese and some ground meat

How much is the Dynamite

One serving of dynamite is 4 pieces for 24 pesos.

My verdict

I took a bite with the dipping sauce and it was a great combination of spice and creaminess. It's like eating spicy cheese sticks. And for 24 pesos, it's a very cheap and filling snack.

Where to buy the Dynamite

At the stall in front of Vinzon's Hall at UP Diliman. It's at the right side of the sloping road leading to the entrance of Vinzon's Hall

This is the stall. You can see at the extreme right is the College of Education building.
At the left side of this stall is the sloping road leading to Vinzon's Hall

A close-up of the stall and their food choices

View Vinzon's