BANAUE: Ibulao Ibulao Bed and Breakfast at Kiangan, Ifugao: The Best Accommodations near the Banaue Rice Terraces

May 11, 2014

BANAUE: Ibulao Ibulao Bed and Breakfast at Kiangan, Ifugao:
The Best Accommodations near the Banaue Rice Terraces

Why I love Ibulao Ibulao:

1. The beautiful accommodations

We checked in at a VILLA ROOM. The rate is 4500 pesos per room per night for 6 persons. Let the photos speak for themselves. Below are photos of our accommodations:

The villa room

My kids inside the villa room

The entrance of the villa room
Panoramic photo of the villa room
Inside the villa room
This is what you see from the entrance of the villa room

As you can see, towels, linen and blankets are provided.

The view from the loft

The view from the window side

The stairs to the loft

The loft

The separate toilet

The separate shower

2. The reasonable rates
a. The rock room: good for 5-6 persons at 2,800 pesos per room per night 
b. The west and east rooms: good for 2-3 persons at 1,600 pesos per room per night
c. The villa room: good for 6-10 persons at 4,500 pesos per room per night 
All rooms have airconditioning and hot shower. 
Towels and linens are provided. 
Reservation policy and cancellation policy: Please reserve by emailing Doc Toto at Since they don't require a deposit for reservation, please have the courtesy of cancelling your reservation as soon as you know that you're unable to arrive.
The rooms are value for money. With the above rates and the quality of rooms, it  beats the Banaue hotel in terms of room rates and quality of accommodations.

3. The great food
We had gourmet breakfast at 180 pesos per person, inclusive of gourmet coffee.
The dining area

Oops... My son almost finished the food before I was able to take the photo.

The view from the dining area

4. The location
It's a mere 30 minutes away from Banaue town. With the limited and basic accommodations at Banaue town, Ibulao is the best accommodations near the Banaue rice terraces not only because of the beauty and ambience of the place, but also because of its reasonable rates.

5. The great service and warm hospitality

Doc Toto's policy is to have only one group at a time staying at his place. This assures you of privacy and great service. You actually feel like an honoured guest and family friend while staying at his place. He joins you at breakfast, asks what you need and provides you with reliable guides to places you want to explore. It's a home away from home.

More photos of the grounds and other rooms: 

Drs. Toto and Tess Kalugdan's residence beside the villa room

The villa room (at the right) with the Kalugdan residence (on the left)

Bigger dining area for big groups

How to find Ibulao Ibulao:

Check out my post below for directions from Manila to Ibulao Ibulao:

My BANAUE and SAGADA Itinerary with Kids (Day 1: Manila to Kiangan)

Turn left to Kiangan

The entrance to Ibulao Ibulao Bed and Breakfast is the upward sloping road after the Kiangan arch.

This is the upward sloping entrance to Ibulao and Ibulao Bed and Breakfast

How to contact Ibulao Ibulao:

Drs. Toto and Tess Kalugdan welcomed us into their beautiful home.
This photo is taken inside their living room.

Thanks for the warm hospitality!!!
We will be back!

Department of Tourism Accreditation of Ibulao and Ibulao Bed and Breakfast: