SAGADA: St. Joseph's Resthouse: Best Accommodations in Sagada

June 10, 2014

SAGADA: St. Joseph's Resthouse: Best Accommodations in Sagada

Sagada is a sleepy and remote town in the Ifugao Province. They often say it's like Baguio before Baguio became commercialized. Since it's very remote and  hard to reach, the available accommodations are usually basic and backpacker style. Of all the accommodations I found for my family of 6, I found St. Joseph's Resthouse to be the most suitable and best accommodations in Sagada. 

Why I love St. Joseph's Resthouse


1. The large cottage we booked is spacious and clean.
It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
This is the large cottage we booked.
It has a 2 floors: the ground floor and the loft.
They gave us "Hartzel" cottage.

Our room key

The first room in the first floor

The second room on the first floor.

The loft with 2 double beds

The stairs to the loft

The dining table is under the stairs to the loft.

2. The cottage amenities are sufficient.
a. They have hot water showers. Water pressure is strong.

b. They provide linen, towels, soap, and toilet paper.

3. The grounds are peaceful and the gardens well tended.

4. They have spacious parking.

The entrance to the parking area is at the back of resthouse.

The entrance to the parking area

The spacious parking area 


It's at the center of all activity:

1. It's near the municipal tourist information office

2. It's near the jeepney terminal.

3. It's near the grocery and fast food court.

4. It's walking distance to SAGGAS (Sagada Genuine Guides' Association) office.

5. It's walking distance to the famous Sagada restaurants like Yoghurt house, Lemon Pie house, Pinikpikan Haus, etc.

6. It's walking distance to the entrance of sights like the Sumaguing cave and Lumiang burial cave.

The stairs along Staunton Road leading to St. Joseph's Resthouse 

This is the view from the stairs shown in the photo above.

The big red building has mini supermarkets and fast food restaurants (turo-turo style).

The area in front is the jeepney terminal.

The small building at the right is the Municipal Tourist Office.

The road at the right of the big red building leads to Lumiang Cave, Sumaguing cave, 

famous Sagada restaurants, and the SAGGAS office. 

We booked a large cottage at 3500 pesos per night, without breakfast, good for 6-8 persons.

You can make reservation by email at or texting cellphone no.. +639185595934 or +63 927 236 0344.
There is no downpayment necessary to hold your reservation. You must confirm the day before you arrive. Full payment is made upon check-in.
Full payment is made at reception upon check-in.

Van hire advertisement I saw at reception.

1. The cottage has no tv.
2. There is free wifi only at the lobby/reception.
3. There is no daily  housekeeping.
  • If you need new towels, you have to surrender your old towels at reception and exchange it for new ones.

Contact Information:
Saint Joseph Resthouse
Poblacion, Sagada
2619 Mountain Province