BORACAY: My Guide to Riding the Banana Boat with Kids

July 9, 2014

BORACAY: My Guide to Riding the Banana Boat with Kids

What is the Banana Boat Ride

You ride on a yellow inflatable shaped like a banana. 

The banana-shaped inflatable is towed by a motorized boat.

The banana boat ride in Boracay goes half-way around the island.

Why do the Banana Boat Ride

1. The great thing about the Banana Boat Ride is that it feels like a jet ski ride except it's much cheaper than doing a jet ski. 

A jet ski ride costs 3000 per hour and can accommodate a maximum of 2 persons. A banana boat ride is 1250-1500 pesos per banana boat (for a 15-minute which can accommodate a maximum of 6 persons. (See banana boat ride rate below)

2. It's a fun thing to do together as a family because one banana boat can fit a whole family. In our case, it fits all 6 of us.

2. It's a great way to see the perimeter of Boracay island because it goes half-way around the island.


1. Register and pay at the water sports booth. You sign a waiver of liability at the booth.

We were picked up for free at our hotel in Station 1 by Napoleon Seasports

These are the water sports booth located at Station 1 across Astoria Boracay.

This is the booth of Napoleon Seasports, where we booked our banana boat ride.

Registering and paying at the booth

Signing the waiver

The copy of the waiver

2. Ride the banana boat at Station 1.

Let the fun begin!!!

We were pulled out of the shore of Station 1...

...Then we were brought half-way around the island.

The banana boat zigzagged and jumped over water.

Where to book:

Look for Christine at (+63919)395-9054


250 per person, minimum of 5 persons per single body banana boat.

Since we're 6 in one banana boat, we paid 1500 pesos. If you're 5 person or less, you pay a fixed rate of 1250 pesos per banana boat.

1. The best time to do any water sports activity is in the morning, around 10:00 AM. We did the banana boat ride in the morning and the weather is cooler compared to when we did parasailing in the afternoon. 

2. Bring a camera. One of the boatmen riding the boat pulling the banana boat can take a picture or video of your ride.


Banana boat ride