BAGUIO: The Mansion Oval: The Best Place to Jog

July 27, 2015

BAGUIO: The Mansion Oval: The Best Place to Jog

When we went on vacation in Baguio, Iwas following a 41-day run streak initiated by Runner's World . I was determined not to miss a day of my run streak while on vacation so I researched the best place to run/jog. If I didn't find any place that suited my needs, my default place would have been the gym at SM City. I do not like to visit malls while on vacation, encounter crowds and traffic, so I was glad to find the Mansion Oval, which perfectly suited my needs.

Where is the Mansion Oval located: 

The term Mansion Oval is actually a misnomer. The Mansion Oval is actually part of Wright Park. It is known as the Mansion Oval because it is located across the gate of the Mansion House, the summer home of the President of the Philippines. It's actually a paved road surrounding the Pool of Pines at Wright Park where locals run/walk/jog in the morning.

Why the Mansion Oval is the Best Place to Walk/Run/Jog: 

1. It is relatively safe compared to other areas.
Since the Mansion oval is across the Mansion House, there are guards present in the area. There's greater probability you'll be safe jogging in this area compared to other areas.
The Mansion House is seen from one end of the Pool of Pines.

2. The oval is paved. 

This is the entrance of the Mansion Oval across Mansion house

3. It is near food, particularly the strawberry taho. 

The strawberry taho vendor is stationed near the gate of the Mansion house. In case you need a snack after your exercise, you can buy strawberry taho nearby.
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4. It is near a clean comfort room.

Look for this sign along the oval to find the comfort room.

The comfort room is where the red mark is pointing to.

5. It is near two (2) popular tourist spots in Baguio: The Mansion House and Wright Park
This means you can go sightseeing after you exercise.