MANILA: Gloriamaris Greenhills Restaurant: What to Order

May 20, 2018

MANILA: Gloriamaris Greenhills Restaurant: What to Order 

Our favorite Chinese restaurant in Manila is Gloriamaris Greenhills restaurant. They serve very good quality Chinese food but it's a bit expensive. So we go there only on special occasions, or when there's a 50% off promo from credit cards. 

Usually, the 50% discount only covers the food bill including VAT (value added tax), and doesn't cover drinks and service charge. But that's already a lot. Our food bill for what we ordered (shown below) amounted to only a little less than 5000 pesos, when it should have been a little less than 9000 pesos. 

We usually reserve our seats at the fine dining section so we can also order from the dimsum and hotpot menu, aside from ordering from the fine dining menu. 

These are the iconic dishes we ordered. 

Sautéed Sweet and sour pork
(Medium, 990 pesos) 

Hot Prawn Salad
(Medium - 1630 pesos)
Note: They used real prawns and not shrimps like other smaller restaurants do) 

Peking Duck whole served 2 ways
(3,600 pesos) 

This is the Peking Duck first way:
You wrap the skin and meat in a thin pancake, with hoisin sauce and leeks then fold it.

The second way:
You have a choice between minced duck wrapped in lettuce or just chopped duck seasoned with salt and pepper.

We usually choose minced duck. Sorry. I forgot to take a photo of the minced duck 

(198 pesos)
Their Hakaw is really great. Instead of just one shrimp, they put 2 shrimps inside the dumpling 

Ma Po Tofu
(Small - 600 pesos)
We usually request very spicy Ma Po Tofu. 


(Note: the small size plate is usually good for 5-6 persons) 

My tip: Dine at Gloriamaris when there is a 50% credit card promo. To know when there's a promo, like their Facebook page at

You can text them at +63 998 570 0921 for reservations.

Here is a sample of the terms of  50% off promo: