July 24, 2018

My Guide and Tips

The Comelec Voter Registration started again last July 2, 2018 and my advice is to register early.  Yesterday,  I brought my daughter to the Comelec thinking that the line will be short since the next elections will be held next year but I was mistaken. A lot of people are already registering to vote. But unlike the last time I brought my elder kids to Comelec for voter registration where the whole process took us 2 hours to finish, this time it took us only 40 minutes. So you still save time when you register early.

Comelec Resolution on Voter Registration:

So here are MY TIPS to help you save time:

1. Download the application form at the Comelec site so you can fill up the 3 copies in advance before you arrive at COMELEC.

Make sure to print it BACK TO BACK. The form I downloaded online was not printed back to back so my daughter filled up a new application form at the Comelec office.

Application form download:

2. Photocopy the required documents for registration prior to arriving at the Comelec office.

In my daughter's case, the documents she presented are her birth certificate and school ID. They attach the photocopy of these documents to the application form before submitting it to the election officer.

To those who didn't download the application form online, the Comelec do not give you the application form until after you give them a photocopy of the required documents. So there will be additional delay while you find a xerox machine to photocopy the documents if you don't photocopy the documents before you arrive at the Comelec office

3. Bring a ballpen.

You might need it in case you miss filling up some items in the application form. It will save time looking for one when you need it.


This is at Comelec Antipolo. But I presume it's almost the same in all other Comelec locations.

In my daughter's case, they didn't ask for proof of billing.
But I brought a PLDT bill in my name just in case.
The purpose of this requirement is to prove residence in the area.
Since the bill is in my name and my name is in my daughter's birth certificate, I would think that they will conclude that my daughter lives in the same place I live.
But, as I said  they didn't ask for proof of billing  

STEP 2. This is where you present the photocopy of your documents.
They need to verify if your name is found in the database.
Then they give you the application form, which you need to accomplish in 3 copies.

STEP 3. This is where you present your filled up application form.
They check if all items have been filled up and then they forward it to the Office of the Election Officer.

STEP 4-7. These steps are accomplished inside the Office of the Election Officer
You wait until your name is called before you enter.

You receive an acknowledgment receipt after accomplishing all steps.

This is the flow of registration