CEBU PACIFIC: How to Cancel Flights Online and Get a Refund

July 6, 2019

CEBU PACIFIC: How  to Cancel Flights Online and Get a Refund 

Each flight booked may have different terms and conditions, but this is a way to find out how much refund you can get if you're cancelling a flight on any of the grounds listed in the Cebu Pacific as valid reasons to request for a refund.

Cancelling flights involve 3 steps as shown below. You can go until step 2 to see how much refund will be given to you without actually canceling the 

1. Log in to your get go account to retrieve your booking. Go to Manage Booking.

2. Click Cancel Flight as shown below.

3. From this point, you can see how much money you will recover from canceling this booking.

The booking I'm cancelling is a one-way domestic flight from Puerto Princesa to Manila.

Don't click CONTINUE below if you haven't decided whether you want to cancel the flight or not.

4. If you clicked Continue as shown above, the amount should appear in your travel fund as shown below.

These are the fees paid for the cancelled flight

This is a domestic roundtrip flight 
from Manila to Cebu. 


I couldn't cancel the flights below because I used getgo points for the fare. But I requested for refund of government taxes for unused flights. I will update this post when I have the result of my refund request.