How to go from Fukuoka International Airport To Hakata Station Area Hotels

May 23, 2023

How to go from Fukuoka International Airport 
To Hakata Station Area Hotels

The best option I would recommend is to take a taxi. The airport is less than 3 km from Hakata Station area so taking a taxi is not expensive. At different times of the day, the taxi charge ranged from 1,490 yen to 2,190 yen. A normal taxi (that's how they call a regular taxi on Fukuoka as opposed to a large taxi) can fit 4 people but the trunk can only fit 2 medium sized luggage or 1 medium sized luggage plus 3 carryon size luggage.

It's easy to get a taxi at the airport even if there's a line at the taxi bay. There are several taxis plying the airport route so waiting time is not long.

MY TIP: Print your hotel address in Japanese so it's easy to communicate with the driver. Not a lot of people speak English in Fukuoka.

Other options for airport transfers, but you need to check the timetable if the bus is operating when you arrive at the airport. 

1. Fukuoka Airport limousine bus taken at Bus stop 2 at the arrival exit. It goes directly to Hakata bus terminal and further to Tenjin: 260 yen.

2. Free shuttle bus from the international terminal to the domestic terminal, and then subway from the domestic terminal to any point in the city.