How to Enjoy the Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan by Destileria Limtuaco

September 20, 2023

How to Enjoy the
Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan 
by Destileria Limtuaco

I tried the Manille Liqueur de Dalandan recently by Destileria Limtuaco, the oldest distillery in the Philippines, crafted in partnership with Margarita Fores. And it was quite good. It's so good that you can actually enjoy it in different ways. You can chill it and drink it straight, so it can serve as a palate cleanser. You can also drink it after meals as a dessert coz it's sweet and citrusy enough to be used as a refreshing dessert drink, without being cloyingly sweet. Or you can make a quick cocktail out of it. Just mix in some ice and or sparkling water. 

The liqueur is vodka based with 24% alcohol.

Hope you'll try it! Cheers!

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