What to order at Shi Lin restaurant

January 22, 2024


Shi Lin restaurant is one of my family's favorite restaurants to go to. We missed dining at Shi Lin during the pandemic lockdown. I didn't even attempt to have their xiaolongbao delivered because xiao long bao needs to be consumed immediately at dine in.

So yesterday, we went back to dining in at Shi Lin, before watching Miyazaki's movie The Boy and the Heron at the Red Carpet Cinema at Shangri La Plaza Mall.  Shi Lin is just below the Red Carpet Cinema so it's very easy to find.

For a group of 5, we ordered the following:

For the main meal:

1. 2 orders original xiao long bao (10 pcs per order) (330 pesos each order)

2. 1 order shrimp and pork shaomai (6 pcs per order) (250 pesos)

3. 2 orders deep fried asado bun (3 pcs per order) (185 pesos each order)

4. 2 orders pork, salted egg and chorizo bun (1 pc per order) (110 pesos per order)
-- only 2 of us wanted to order this bun

5. 1 order spicy shrimp and pork wonton (6 pcs per order) (240 pesos per order)
-- We actually made a mistake with this order. We wanted shrimp and pork wonton noodle soup but we ordered spicy and the only one available in the menu is the one without the noodle soup. But it was a good discovery. We just mixed in the excess noodle and soup from our braised beef noodle order.

6. 2 orders braised beef noodle (380 pesos per order)
-- This was shared.

7. 1 order fried rice with shrimp and egg (240 pesos)

8. 1 order crispy sweet and sour pork (495 pesos)

9. 1 order spicy spareribs (495 pesos)

For the dessert:

1. 1 order choco nutella dumpling (6 pcs per order) (198 pesos)

2. 1 order red bean dumpling (6 pcs per order) (160 pesos)
3. 1 order taro dumpling (6 pcs per order) (160 pesos)
4. 1 order salted egg custard bun (3 pcs per order) (150 pesos)


Location: Level 5, EDSA Shangri-la Mall Shangrila Plaza Mall, near the elevator

Average cost per person: 800-1000 pesos per head

My tip: Arrive at 11:00 AM on a Sunday to get a good seat. They don't accept reservations on a weekend.

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