My experience claiming my passport with visa at the Chinese embassy in Manila

October 6, 2023


I arrived at 8:05 AM and there's already a line at the embassy for people waiting to get in. Office hours at the visa office of the embassy is from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM but they open the embassy at 8:00 AM and let people in to get their number. The number I got is 41.

My number was called out on the display on top of the cashier and I paid the visa fee before claiming my passport on another counter. I finished at 9:45 AM. 

MY TIP: Bring cash and the exact amount to pay for the visa. They only accept cash. The visa you applied for is the amount you need to pay before the passport is released to you. Whether or not the visa is issued, you need to pay a visa fee before claiming your passport.

WHERE TO PARK: There's a parking lot across the building where the embassy is located. 2 hours parking cost 90 pesos.

MANILA: What We Order at Gloriamaris Greenhills Chinese Restaurant

October 5, 2023

MANILA: What We Order at Gloriamaris Greenhills Chinese Restaurant

Gloriamaris Greenhills Chinese restaurant is famous for serving high quality Chinese food. Sharing with you below what we usually order. 

My tip:

1. Reserve early if you want to avail of a function room for a party of 12. A function room has a minimum consumable of 19,000 pesos. 

2. Try to avoid going there on payday weekend. It's very difficult to park. The restaurant parking is full and nearby mall parking areas are also full.

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My Experience Applying for a Tourist Visa at the Chinese Embassy in Manila

October 4, 2023



You can book an appointment HERE. From my experience, the earliest available appointment slot for submitting your application for a Chinese visa at the Chinese embassy in the Philippines is ONE WEEK from the time you open a request for booking. Other people experienced a longer wait time for availability of slots. That's why most travel agencies recommend that you submit to them all documents at least 3 weeks from the intended travel date to give them time to get an appointment. So plan your trips accordingly with this in mind.

Appointment calendar
There are 2 time slots: 
9:00 AM, 10:00 AM

Other things to note:

1. You can't request for an appointment without submitting a completed application online. Only then can you use your application ID to open a request for booking.

2. The feedback on the timetable for approval is 4 working days. This means that if you submit your application form at the Chinese embassy on a Tuesday, you can already pick it up on a Friday. But take note on holidays in China thay

3. The Chinese embassy in the Philippines is still not collecting fingerprints from applicants of a tourist visa. This means you can have a representative submit your application and pick up your passport afterwards.


I arrived at 9:40 AM for my 10:00 am appointment at the 2nd floor of the World Centre in Makati, where the Chinese Embassy is located. Immediately upon entering the embassy, I got a number from the lady manning the reception at the right side of the entrance. I was no. 114. I was told to wait for my number to be called by watching out for the numbers displayed on 3 counters in front, dedicated to receiving the documents. Each counter received documents 5 people at a time. You line up when you see your number displayed on the window. When I arrived, numbers 21-25, 41-45, 46-50 was displayed. Apparently, one counter receiving the documents ask a lot of questions so the line moved slower than usual on that counter. 

There are about 8 rows of seats with 20 seats per row in the waiting area. And they are all full, with some people still standing. It took me 2 hours of waiting until it was my turn. Receiving my documents took only two minutes. The person receiving got my current passport and 2 old passports, 1 photo, all the documents attached like flight booking, hotel confirmation, itinerary, certificate of employment, bank certificate, bank statements and stapled them together. Then I was issued a pink slip stating when I can pick up the passports.

WHERE TO PARK : There's a small parking lot across the World Centre building. If it's full, another option is to park at SM Jazz mall at Nicanor Garcia and then walk to the building.


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How to Enjoy the Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan by Destileria Limtuaco

September 20, 2023

How to Enjoy the
Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan 
by Destileria Limtuaco

I tried the Manille Liqueur de Dalandan recently by Destileria Limtuaco, the oldest distillery in the Philippines, crafted in partnership with Margarita Fores. And it was quite good. It's so good that you can actually enjoy it in different ways. You can chill it and drink it straight, so it can serve as a palate cleanser. You can also drink it after meals as a dessert coz it's sweet and citrusy enough to be used as a refreshing dessert drink, without being cloyingly sweet. Or you can make a quick cocktail out of it. Just mix in some ice and or sparkling water. 

The liqueur is vodka based with 24% alcohol.

Hope you'll try it! Cheers!

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What You Need to Know About MARHABA LOUNGE at NAIA TERMINAL 1

September 15, 2023

What You Need to Know About 


Lounge access is COMPLIMENTARY to cardholders of BDO American Express Platinum credit card, Unionbank credit card, BDO Diamond rewards card, Security bank credit card, among others. Please check the website of your credit card company. Lounge access benefits vary per card, and per card type.

If you don't have the following credit cards, you can walk-in and use the lounge for 3 hours  by paying 1400 pesos or 25 USD. 

LOCATION: after immigration and security, adjacent to Bay 9, West Satellite. 

Note: Buffet is halal certified

MY TIP: Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight so you'll have time to use the lounge. If it's a long weekend, you must arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before a flight. 

CONTACT NUMBER: +63 5310-2488

Walking Time from Immigration To Your NAIA Terminal 3 Gate

September 14, 2023

Walking Time from Immigration 
To Your NAIA Terminal 3 Gate 

Here are walking times from the last security checkpoint after immigration to your international terminal gate at NAIA Terminal 3

Here is the point of reference. 
The security checkpoint after immigration is just at the back of these seats

WINE REVIEW: Hentley Farm The Beauty Shiraz 2014

August 15, 2023

WINE REVIEW: Hentley Farm The Beauty Shiraz 2014

My review: Spicy on the nose. White pepper, liquorice, plum, with a hint of vanilla. It's a Shiraz co-fermented with viognier. Complex and delicate flavors at the same time. Long finish. Absolutely wonderful and superb flavors.

Winery: Hentley Farm
Designation: The Beauty
Region: Barossa Valley
Country: Australia
Grape variety: Australian Shiraz
Vintage: 2014
Robert Parker: 91 pts
Vivino: 4.4