Isis Bungalows: Budget-friendly Bohol Accomodations for a Family of Six

June 14, 2010

Isis Bungalows: Budget-friendly Bohol Accommodations for a Family of Six

What kids will like about this place
  • It has free strong wifi 24 hours a day. 
  • It has cable tv in the rooms
  • The beach is a few steps from the room.
  • Although the beachfront is small, the shallow waters stretches around 50 meters from the beachfront.
  • You can snorkel on the beach in front and see small fish and different shapes of starfish.

What I like about this place
The Room:
  •  They have rooms that can accomodate big groups. In our case, I prefer to have a room that can accomodate both my husband and I, and all our four kids so we don't have to worry about them staying in the other room. It's often hard to find rooms that can accomodate us because often, family rooms are only good for 4 people, the couple and their 2 kids. It's more expensive for a family of six to book 3 standard rooms good for 2 people. That's why I prefer to book a family suite, or any room that will allow 6 people to stay in one room.
  • The Isis Bungalow deluxe bungalow can accommodate all six of us. We stayed at deluxe bungalow 4, near the reception. But next time we're going to stay at the family bungalow 8. It's the most spacious, has a very large bathroom, has a terrace and a nice view of the sea. It's on the second floor and on top of Isis Thai Restaurant
  • The size of the room is 30 sq. meters and the deluxe bungalow is shaped like a pentagon. It has enough space to accommodate  1 queen-sized foam bed, a single foam bed, a double sized airbed, and a single airbed. We brought with us the airbeds to save on mattress fee.
  • They have a cabinet with lots of shelves and hangers.
The Bathroom:
  •  Bathroom is large, clean and designed for the comfort and convenience of the guest because of additional shelves.
  • Water in the bathroom is relatively strong, considering that Panglao Island has a water problem.
  • They have hot and cold water.
Other Amenities:
  • Even if you do not rent the mattress, they give free pillows, blankets and towels to the additional persons.
  • They give free toiletries like shampoo in sachet and soap and free instant coffee, sugar and creamer in sachet. They replenish it when you consume it.
  • They have laundry service but we didn't use it so I cannot rate it.
The Service:
  • The staff is very efficient and fast in giving service. Every time I ask for extra towels, pillows or blankets, they were able to immediately give them to me.
  • They clean the room and toilet every day.

The rate of one deluxe bungalow is P4,000 per bungalow per night. The rate is for 3 persons per deluxe bungalow. There is a charge of P350 per night for additional persons in the room in excess of 3 persons. There is a charge of P350 per night for each additional mattress requested.

Amenities included in the rate of a deluxe bungalow:
  • 1 queen-sized bed and 1 single bed 
  • with air-con
  • with cable TV
  • with mini refrigerator
  • private toilet and shower, with hot and cold water 
  • electric hot water thermos with free coffee, sugar and creamer
  • free toiletries: shampoo in sachet and soap
Terms and Conditions:
We are required to make 50% deposit to confirm our reservation. The 50% deposit is to be deposited to their Bank of the Philippine Islands bank account

In case of cancellation of booking, you will forfeit the 50% deposit you made.

Rebooking Policy:
If you rebook your reservation 2 weeks before arrival, you will not forfeit your deposit.

Check-in time: 2pm
-- we arrived around 12 nn and was allowed to check-in immediately since the room assigned to us was already free.

Check-out time: 12nn
-- since our pick-up time from the resort is at 230 pm, we checked out at 12 nn and our luggage was stored at reception.

Contact Information:
Isis Bungalows website 
Isis Bungalows email address 
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